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Boulder Family Photographer – Merry Davenport Christmas

a day in the life

Not everyone brings their family photographer to the Neighborhood Christmas Tree farm in Boulder, but that’s just how Sharee rolls. I had an amazing 6 hours documenting Sharee and her dapper little human sidekick Brayden. Shameless plug: If you or ANYONE you know is in the market for a fabulous Colorado wedding photographer, she is […]

Super Bowl Sunday – Broomfield Family Photography (2018)

storytelling photography sessions

I still have a lot of random thoughts that run through my head and these are the ones I had today. Are you a football fan? I am such a fan that I have scheduled myself to work on two different Superbowl Sundays without realizing it.  Yes, there should be all kinds of sarcasm read […]

the cure for nostalgia

a day in the life

This morning a video of Chloe counting popped up and she skipped from 6 to 13 for awhile, I forgot how adorable that was.  It was just a crappy iPhone video, but makes me cry just the same.  Do you have videos of your kids on your phone like that?  TIP – please back these up […]

Family Photojournalism – 5 Reasons Parenthood Family Photography Sessions Rock

tips for clients

5 Reasons Parenthood Sessions Rock   No “SAY CHEESE” Now I will warn you, the things I do to make you and your kids (and yourself) laugh naturally for those #allintheframe images might be a shock to your system.  They are WAY better for pictures than “say cheese”.   You get to wear what you want […]

Question for Colie – What do you do in sessions with older kids?

question for colie

Family Photojournalism Sessions with Older Children So what do you do in a session where the “kids” aren’t so little?  That’s a legit question, right?  Just because your children are older doesn’t mean the rules of the game change.  I still want to come over and just photograph whatever you would normally do.  If you like […]

Documentary Family Films – So do we really need the words?

family photography sessions

In my most recent videos I have used a lot more instrumental music so that the audio portions of the video can take center stage.  This week I sat down and ended up with two versions of the same video, one with audio and instrumentals and one with only video and a vocal version of […]

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