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Switching to Dubsado – 3 common questions photographers have when shopping for a CRM


Are you a photographer looking for a CRM to help run your business? Have you considered Dubsado but still have questions?   I made you a quick video discussing 3 common questions I get from photographers interested in switching to Dubsado.  

Dubsado Tips – 3 Hidden Gems in Dubsado


Dubsado Tips for Family Photographers It’s no secret I love Dubsado as the CRM to help run my business. I often come across Dubsado users that still don’t know everything it can do so I wanted to write up my favorite 3 hidden gems. Maybe I will turn this into a regular Dubsado Tips category. […]

Dubsado for Family Photographers – It’s my Dubsadoversary

dubsado family photographers


Dubsado for Family Photographers 😍 While I am a super loyal customer, I do not hesitate to make a change if it is beneficial to my business. So it’s a big thing for me to reach a 3-year anniversary with a product/company. Even stranger, as much as I L-O-V-E Dubsado I have only written 2 […]

Family Photos during a Pandemic | No blog posts in September

at-home session

Guys, I was so busy taking family photos during a pandemic I TOTALLY forgot to blog in September.  Not a single post. Shameful. I had several family sessions with awesome returning clients. For the other side of my business, I taught my Documenting Parenthood Virtual Retreat AND got announced as a teacher for The Family […]

It’s My Birthday | Let’s Talk CRM for Family Photographers


Just in case you didn’t know, today is my birthday.  Since COVID ruined our summer vacation plans and postponed our family photography session earlier this year, let’s just say I am celebrating my 40th for the second time!  Last year we had a photo session ON my actual birthday.  It was awesome and at least […]

Gear Acquisition Syndrome – Team Nikon Photographer

question for colie

Do you follow me on Instagram?  I would say the majority of my IG followers are fellow photographers, with a few friends and clients thrown in.  Yesterday I posted a few of my favorite images I shot with my new Nikkor 20mm 1.8 s lens and this morphed into an overall conversation about gear.  I […]

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