Lafayette Colorado Newborn Photographer – Best part of the job

Lafayette, Colorado Newborn Photographer. Would it surprise you to know that newborns are my favorite to photograph? I know, not really headline news, but sometimes I just feel the need to remind people. Often I have a string of 2-3 babies all due within days of each other and then a newborn drought comes.

I am 100% in it for the snuggles.

So if your baby is a little fussy and I have to swaddle, re-swaddle,  rock, feed, or change them; just know that I am happy as a clam to do so.  My child is 8, almost 9, and while she is an EXCELLENT snuggler, it is just not the same.  She is almost as tall as me and kicks me in her sleep.  I am done having babies, so please please PLEASE let me photograph yours 😉

Some common questions people ask me:

Do you photograph births?

Why yes I do, depending on your due date and where you are delivering.  As a Lafayette Colorado Newborn Photographer, I am located closest to Good Samaritan Medical Center (can practically see it from my front porch), Avista Adventist Hospital (where I have photographed most of my Fresh 48s), and Boulder Community Health and so those will get an automatic YES depending on my availability.  If you are delivering at other hospitals in the area, let’s chat.

Do you photograph newborns in Colorado Springs?

I do, for those booking a baby plan or a single Luxe Parenthood Session. It is about a 90-minute drive for me, so I am more likely to say YES if we are building a relationship.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE photographing the same families over and over again?

Where do your clients get their awesome swaddling blankets?

I stock swaddling blankets from both Clementine Kids and Little Unicorn.  I will typically swaddle your children 2-3 times during your session, so feel free to watch/video me as I do it.  I have ever never had a baby that didn’t like being swaddled as long as they are swaddled tight!

Can I book a baby plan if my baby is past the “newborn” stage?

ABSOLUTELY! For in-home lifestyle newborn sessions, I consider a newborn session to be anything in the first two months on the outside. Older newborns are awesome because they are super alert and interactive with their parents.  Many of my clients booking a Fresh 48 + In-home newborn session will schedule the in-home in the 6-week range.  The difference between Day 1 in the hospital and 6-weeks is typically astounding. Check out the sessions below for some examples of older newborns.



Not everyone wants their everyday, guaranteed-to-make-you-cry-happy-tears moments documented. But if you treasure those memories, let's chat. I'll bet you love it so much you'll come back for seconds.

photos + video = awesome