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Family Photojournalism – 5 Reasons Parenthood Family Photography Sessions Rock

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5 Reasons Parenthood Sessions Rock



Now I will warn you, the things I do to make you and your kids (and yourself) laugh naturally for those #allintheframe images might be a shock to your system.  They are WAY better for pictures than “say cheese”.


You get to wear what you want

Yes, I said it.  If you spend a huge amount of time trying to figure out what to wear for your Parenthood session then you are focusing on the wrong thing.  Everyone needs to be comfortable, YES!  I also totally commend you for telling your partner he cannot wear a dark green Michigan State t-shirt and sweat pants.  Oh is that just my life?  Everyone gets to pick their favorite outfit and if you REALLY REALLY insist on something else for the initial #alintheframe pictures that’s okay, I will just take pictures of everyone changing their clothes after.  M’kay?


No debating the perfect place to have your session

Yeah, no.  We will be doing the session at your house because this is where the memories are made.   All sessions at least start there.  Going out for ice cream, a bike ride, or visit to grandma’s later in the session is just a bonus in my book.  Do not worry whether your home is photo-worthy.  To put your mind at ease I am happy to give you a virtual tour of my tiny townhome, where space and natural light are always lacking.


Dads love me

Well okay, so maybe they don’t love me.  They are always amazed at how much fun the session was and comment on the lack of the stress compared to other sessions mom has asked him to participate in.  They would rather do anything else when asked to “sit and smile for portraits”, so let’s give them something else to do.  I still think my awesome personality wins them over.  You will thank me when they agree to have more photosessions, please send Starbucks LOL.


Your life, your moments, with YOU in them

This generation of kids is most photographed ever.  iPhones and other mobile phone cameras are in the hands of almost every parent, so you have plenty of pictures of your kids.  You may even have selfie pictures of you in the frame with the kids.  Don’t you want pictures without the limitation of how far your arm can stretch?  Trust me, you do.

When you are tired of not being in the frame or constantly having to plan and put forth a lot of effort to do so on your own, decide to book your Parenthood Session and leave the heavy lifting to me.


Not everyone wants their everyday, guaranteed-to-make-you-cry-happy-tears moments documented. But if you treasure those memories, let's chat. I'll bet you love it so much you'll come back for seconds.

photos + video = awesome