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Phoenix Family Photographer – I like warm hugs

a day in the life

Phoenix Family Photographer. It didn’t take much convincing for me to travel to Phoenix this month for a Weekend with Colie.  I mean the warmer weather was certainly a draw, but I also had SO much fun with this family.  Megan is a fellow photographer (check out Magpie Love Photography) and I was her birthday […]

Fall in Pennsylvania – Day in the Life Photography

a day in the life

Day in the Life Photography – I am based out of Denver, Colorado but did you know I love to travel?  That I visit the Philadelphia area at least once a year for sessions?  WHERE have you been if you didn’t know that?  If this looks like fun holler at me. I am in the […]

Fort Collins Newborn Photographer – Meet Emmett

fresh 48

Fort Collins Newborn Photographer – Same families at the same hospital are my favorite kind of Fresh 48.  It was a little more than 3 years ago when I witnessed Laynie meeting Asher for the first time.  She beelined straight for her new baby brother and this time was the same.     I can […]

Littleton Newborn Photographer | Littleton Adventist Hospital – Chris

hospital newborn photography

It has been quite some time since I photographed a fresh baby at Littleton Adventist Hospital.  Today I got my Christmas present in November as Chris arrived a little under 2 weeks early, happy and healthy.  I was just at his baby shower a week ago so he held out just long enough!  The theme […]

Light and Shadows – Denver Newborn Photographer

newborn photography sessions

I think the black & white bug is finally back.  I typically deliver a large number of monochromatic images in my client galleries, but steadily over the last year I have been delivering more and more in color.  Each time I do a web refresh it seems like color images get swapped in for black […]

Boulder Family Photography – 6 Month Parenthood Session (Oscar)


Boulder Family Photography I have been dabbling in learning to shoot film this year.  The majority of the images I have taken thus far have been Chloe and James, but this month I shot a few rolls during a 6 month Parenthood session of one of my favorite families.  With a trip for Chloe’s Spring Break I […]

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