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Phoenix Family Photographer – I like warm hugs

Phoenix Family Photographer.

It didn’t take much convincing for me to travel to Phoenix this month for a Weekend with Colie.  I mean the warmer weather was certainly a draw, but I also had SO much fun with this family.  Megan is a fellow photographer (check out Magpie Love Photography) and I was her birthday present.  I make the best present (LOL).

This was supposed to just be a glimpse into their session.  I wanted to select 15 images for a “sneak peek”, but then I felt like there were “gaps in the timeline” I had to fill in.  So 50 images later this gives you a really good look at my day in the life with Megan’s family.  It’s a good way to end 2019 with a bang and I still have to make their films so be sure you come back in 2020 for that.


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