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Fall in Pennsylvania – Day in the Life Photography

Day in the Life Photography – I am based out of Denver, Colorado but did you know I love to travel?  That I visit the Philadelphia area at least once a year for sessions?  WHERE have you been if you didn’t know that?  If this looks like fun holler at me.

I am in the middle of a weeklong trip to the Mid-Atlantic states (PA-MD-VA) and wanted to share a few of the images I have taken at my first two Day in the Life Sessions.  So here are 10 (ok close to 10) moments from each of the days I have documented thus far.  If you aren’t following along with the trip, you can see images and videos in my Instagram Stories.  These were awesome 14 hour days so be sure to check back for the full day when I blog them.

Day in the Life Photography – Philadelphia


Day in the Life Photography – State College, PA


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