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Denver Newborn Photographer – Behind the scenes

family films

Doing a behind the scenes video for my business is definitely on the list for 2020.  Particularly since I inadvertently found this SUPER awesome footage my stationary camera caught while I was at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver during a Fresh 48 at the end of last year.  For the hospital newborn sessions, I usually […]

Denver Fresh 48 Photo – Meet Margot

Denver Fresh 48 Photo, St Joseph Hospital, Clementine Kids Rainbow Swaddle

hospital newborn photography

It was my first Denver Fresh 48 Photo Session at St Joseph Hospital.  Can I just say I LOVE the valet parking and private elevator that goes straight to the mom + baby center?  This little one was due on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but she held out until December 1st likely to share a birthday […]

Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer | Fresh 48 at St Francis Medical Center

fresh 48

Team Green was definitely IN for the first half of 2019 for me.  I had three different clients who were waiting until the birth to find out the gender of the baby.  I was IN the delivery room for baby #1 (Girl: Blake), yup I have video of that gender announcement.  For baby #2 my […]

Lafayette Colorado Newborn Photographer – Best part of the job

newborn photography sessions

Lafayette, Colorado Newborn Photographer. Would it surprise you to know that newborns are my favorite to photograph? I know, not really headline news, but sometimes I just feel the need to remind people. Often I have a string of 2-3 babies all due within days of each other and then a newborn drought comes. I […]

Boulder Newborn Photographer | Fresh 48 at Boulder Community Health

newborn photography sessions

I take my tagline very seriously. I’m done having babies, can I photograph yours? I met these first-time parents at Boulder Community Health after the arrival of their son Liam in March. Fresh 48 sessions are my FAVORITE because parents are so in awe of the new human they brought into the world it is […]

Boulder Newborn Photography – It’s easy to forget

newborn photography sessions

It’s easy to forget those first few days. The way they smelled. The way they cried. The way their skin wrinkled. The way they snuggled against your body.   What you couldn’t see was the way your partner looked at you and how you smiled at your baby, but I did. The only part of […]

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