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Life in the 1st Year – Tessa | Newborn Photography Denver

at-home session

Newborn Photography Denver. September 2016 was a big month for returning clients for CJP siblings, so September 2017 was a big month for 1-year sessions. Tessa was the first baby I photographed at the University of Colorado Hospital, which is where I delivered Chloe.  So much changed in six years I barely recognized the campus as […]

Littleton Newborn Photographer | Littleton Adventist Hospital – Chris

hospital newborn photography

It has been quite some time since I photographed a fresh baby at Littleton Adventist Hospital.  Today I got my Christmas present in November as Chris arrived a little under 2 weeks early, happy and healthy.  I was just at his baby shower a week ago so he held out just long enough!  The theme […]

Lifestyle Family Films – Do you want a Yearbook film?

yearbook club

I honestly have no idea how many lifestyle family films I have made over the last five years. Initially, these Fusion Slideshows included still images moving across the screen with a few tiny video clips as a surprise. About 3 years ago while I was editing a family who had spent their time making pancakes […]

Boulder Newborn Photography – Building a Family

fresh 48

Bodhi and Lilah are just two of the 50,000+ children that have been born at Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville, Colorado. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to meet each of them at the hospital and preserve some moments in their first 48 hours on the outside. When I sat […]

Boulder Maternity Photography – Waiting for Lilah

maternity photography sessions

So I had a plan to wait until her arrival to blog a few maternity images along with her Fresh 48 session, but it turns out she is as stubborn as her big brother.  He arrived 5 days after his due date so maybe she thinks it a competition.  Any day now I will get […]

When Eliza met Wilder

hospital newborn photography

Did you hear the joke about the newborn photographer that went to the wrong hospital? Yes, I did in fact head to the wrong hospital for this session. I can totally laugh at myself now, but I bet I will never make that mistake again. You see I documented Eliza’s arrival a little over two […]

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