Lifestyle Family Films – Do you want a Yearbook film?

I honestly have no idea how many lifestyle family films I have made over the last five years. Initially these Fusion Slideshows included still images moving across the screen with a few tiny video clips as a surprise. About 3 years ago while I was editing a family who had spent their time making pancakes and taking Taekwondo together, I realized I had captured enough video to make a film without stills. This was the start of the video-monster and my lifestyle family films were created.

Last night I finished editing my 3rd film of the week, a new record I am sure. By the time of my little clients hit their first birthday I often have hours of footage from their Life in the 1st Year sessions (at least 3, sometimes 6).  So when I sit down to compile, sequence, and edit their Yearbook Film I am trying to creatively figure out how to use all that footage to show their parents just how much they have grown. In the case of sweet Tessa below there was immense pressure to do something at least as good as her big Brother Everett’s Yearbook.  I try not to play favorites with my clients and I know it’s not a competition, but creatively his Yearbook is one of my best even two years later. So I pulled out all the stops and used my absolute favorite song for Tessa’s.  If you aren’t a little emotional when her still images start rolling I question whether or not you are human.  SERIOUSLY.

By the time the 1st Birthday session rolls around I have watched all the footage I have captured in the year so that I am ready to get the footage I need.  My goals are relatively simple: show growth, mobility, voice, and connection.  I have learned quite a few lessons over the years, most importantly only click my shutter in-between the lines of “Happy Birthday to You” so it is easier for me to edit them out if needed.

And cupcakes… all my 1-year-olds need to devour a cupcake. It is stipulated in the contract. #justkidding

A lot of my inquiries say something like “I want to hire you to make a film of my baby”. If this sounds like something you would say, let’s chat. The best thing about hiring me is you never have to try to remember what they were like in the 1st year, you can just watch it! Even if I wasn’t your newborn photographer there is still time to really document your baby’s life in the 1st year.  All three of these sweet babies turned 1 within the same week in September.  It was a really good week! Also, lifestyle family films are not just for babies.  They are equally amazing for your big kids too.

Not everyone wants their everyday, guaranteed-to-make-you-cry-happy-tears moments documented. But if you treasure those memories, let's chat. I'll bet you love it so much you'll come back for seconds.

photos + video = awesome