It’s My Birthday | Let’s Talk CRM for Family Photographers

Just in case you didn’t know, today is my birthday.  Since COVID ruined our summer vacation plans and postponed our family photography session earlier this year, let’s just say I am celebrating my 40th for the second time!  Last year we had a photo session ON my actual birthday.  It was awesome and at least I have those pictures because there will be NO trip to Target this year.  I am just hoping James remembers to buy me some cupcakes.

Photos by KM Photography

So why do I want to talk about Dubsado on my birthday? First, I was a guest on the This Can’t Be That Hard podcast (twice) and my first episode drops TODAY.  Happy Birthday to me!  What are my episodes about?  Choosing a CRM for family photographers, are you surprised?  I think being on a podcast has made me SUPER legit in James’ eyes since he listens to podcasts every waking moment of the day.  Give it a listen and tell me I didn’t sound stupid.

Second, Dubsado is having a sale this week AND they are giving away 3 Forever Plans.  I bought a Forever Plan on Black Friday back in 2017 and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my business.  They don’t sell them anymore, so they only way to get Dubsado free forever is to win one.

crm for family photographer

Photo by Dear Kate Studios

The sale started yesterday and ends July 31st at 2:00pm PT.  During the sale the monthly plan is $30/ month (was $35/month)  or $300/year (was $350/year).  You can even use my discount code coliejames for an additional 20% off your first payment.


So why am I always pushing  Dubsado as a CRM for Family Photographers?  You can see some of my previous posts about Dubsado here and here.  Let me just quickly rehash what I get with Dubsado as my CRM.

  • Completely on-brand experience for my clients.  They never actually see the words Dubsado because everything from the colors, to the URL, to the emails are all on-brand for coliejamesphotography.com
  • Prospective clients get an automated email in response to their inquiry and I am able to send additional information quickly as needed.  Even while I am sitting in the pickup lane at Chloe’s school.
  • Proposals that allow clients to choose their session, sign a session agreement, and pay their retainer/session fee in one step.
  • A number of highly customizable forms including questionnaires so I can get to know my clients before I ever step foot in their home.
  • Project management and workflows to help me stay organized.
  • The latest feature I am loving, recurring invoices + auto-pay for my new Photo Club members.

Quite simply I can’t live without it and it elevates my entire client experience.  Have questions?  Give me a holler!  Need assistance setting up your Dusbado account?  I can do that too!  Reach out to discuss availability.