Deals for Photographers – Black Friday 2019

If you are new around here I feel a certain kind of way about Black Friday sales.  I think it pushes people to wait for something bigger and better each year, too scared to buy something and see it cheaper just a few days/weeks later.  For myself, in particular, I want a few products and I am just waiting for the BF sales to hit so I can hit buy.  I NEEDED more memory cards and a bigger SSD drive at the beginning of November but I just knew if they were massively on sale for BF I would regret buying them early.  I rarely offer a Small Business Saturday sale on my sessions, but maybe by the time I am done sharing the photographer ones I might have an offer in mind for my clients for Saturday.  Stay tuned.

***Listen I KNOW there are a ton more deals out there.  The ones listed below are the ones I personally use.

Chinelle Ro Design Co.

I recently had my logo redone my Chinelle and the experience was amazing.  If you have been wanting a new logo, she’s your girl.  20% off using the code #000000 at checkout.

logo design


Dubsado is my CRM (client relationship manager) of choice.  I purchased a forever plan back in 2017 so I am set for the rest of my professional career as a photographer + mentor.  They have $50 off annual plans and you can stack my referral code coliejames for an additional 20% off your first payment.  That means $240 for your first year and $300 thereafter.  You can see all my posts about Dubsado here. I am also planning to send out a photographer newsletter in 2020 and a few of the topics are related to setting up your CRM.


In 2019 I have left Dropbox as my gallery delivery system.  None of the proofing galleries allow delivery of films so I have been stuck for years.  I just decided to start sending two different emails so that I can delivery my images in beautiful galleries where images can be downloaded and products can be ordered.  Shootproof (one of the sponsors of The Photo Cookout) is offering 40% off annual plans and they offer an archiving system so that old galleries can still be stored online but not count towards your photo count.  Check them out!


They are offering the first month free on their subscriptions using the code BIGDEAL.  I wrote about my favorite artists to license from MusicBed in THIS post.


I love their bags and they just released the Everyday Line v2.  I am planning on picking up an updated backpack for myself because the 30L is just a tad too big with my new mirrorless gear.  No code necessary.


I am disappointed I can’t take advantage as this is for new users only, but Narrative is offering 50% off their annual plans and 25% off their monthly plans.