Parenthood Films Playlist – Boulder Family Filmmaker

All of a sudden the hardest part of my job is selecting songs for my films.  I might be lying to myself, but I swear a few years ago it was much easier.  I would pick a song, start making a film, and within a few hours I had a fully-sequenced film that needed tweaks.  Now I spend HOURS pouring through songs online trying to find the perfect match for the footage I created.


So I wanted to share a few of my favorites here because maybe you need some new artists to consider.  Now you will see I do have a particular type of music I like to use for my documentary family and newborn films.  These are my favorite 6 artists to license on MusicBed.  Use my REFERRAL link and we each get a month free 🙂

The Careful Ones.
Seriously still some of the most emotionally charged songs I have used in my films.  When I get stuck I will throw Paper Knees on the timeline and get to work.  Then if the song doesn’t work I am usually prepared to resequence to a different song.  Slow Dance On Broken Glass is equally amazing.  If I could get either of those as instrumentals my life would be set.

Holley Maher.
It has seriously been years since I originally licensed Perfect Day and That’s What Makes This House a Home for Day in the Life sessions.  There was a time I simply couldn’t imagine making a full day film and not using Perfect Day as the soundtrack. The majority of her songs are available in the memberships, but Hiding Place is sadly not.

Olive James.
I would likely license every single song by this duo (Jake Etheridge + Olivia Rudeen) if the songs were included in the memberships, but they are not.  You have been warned. I Like You and Everyday are my top songs because they are so on-brand for me.  I used Everyday to make my 2019 highlight reel.

This is a brand new band for me, but Together reminds me of the theme song from Life Goes On.  I recently licensed it to make a bonus film for one of my favorite families.  I also love Feeling Good.

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.
While I love this band, I have to selectively use it has it isn’t a great match for all my client films.  But when it works, it is gold.

Handsome and Gretyl.
Love love LOVE this duo, but I find the instrumental tends to work better for my family films.