and work smarter not harder

Elevate your client experience in Dubsado 

Photographers, are you ready to finally

You can totally be the first to respond to their inquiry without being glued to your computer. You will never again miss out on a lead because you were too slow to respond.

lost opportunities


With a little bit of organization and automation, you could know where your clients are at each step in your workflow. BONUS: they will feel taken care of the entire time. 

unnecessary stress


Writing each email from scratch, crafting customized offers for every client, and continuously checking your phone to see if they book + send payment is so last year.

wasted time


Let me guess, your lack of systems and constant chaos has finally caught up to you and resulted in ...

Yup, that's me!

Keep all your client data in one central place. Because no one has time to go digging through Gmail for emails or login to Paypal to see if you got paid!

Get you paid quickly. Proposals are P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L. Allow clients to choose their offer, sign a contract, and pay your retainer in one seamless process.

Help you show up as a professional and get paid like one.  Make the transition from website to CRM as seamless as possible for an amazing client experience. They will bring in the referrals just by bragging about how easy it was to work with you.

Automate your business. Use templated emails, forms, and workflows to create a consistent client experience for them and yourself. You are in total control over this process.

So what can Dubsado really do for you? 

Does this seem too good to be true?  Or maybe it sounds perfect and you have no earthly idea where to get started.

kind words

Kendra Greenberg, photographer

"What you offer is more that just Dubsado setup. It's like a business workflow refresh in general.

With your attention to detail, thoughtful solutions to problems, and deep-dive approach, you thought of things I didn't know I needed.

Colie, you're the best!"

Turning my computer off each day at 3pm when I pick my kid up from school, no more responding to clients into the wee hours of the morning

Surprising her with a trip to Disneyland, without worrying about my business while I ride Dumbo.

Answering leads with a few clicks and the help of my canned emails/pre-written proposals saves so much time and stress.

Booking a new client in less than 5 minutes after our phone consultation. Best dopamine hit is the sound of my phone alerting me to a Square payment.

I am a confessed recovering workaholic. With Dubsado I said goodbye to the stress and hello to ...

Just because this is how your business has been going, doesn't mean this is how it has to be going forward

Are you ready for a change? 

Before you spend another minute trying to piece together your systems with Google and YouTube...

Let me holler at you for a moment...

You need a plan and I'd love to help 🤩

help me colie!

I'm in love with talking business strategy and helping other family photographers build better systems.

I started Colie James Photography in 2012, offering in-home family + newborn photography sessions. Within one year I offered my first online lifestyle family photography workshop.

That isn't as crazy as it sounds, when you consider I was a professor for over a decade before I gave birth to my daughter.  Now I have mentored hundreds of photographers wanting to learn how to build their own lifestyle + documentary family photography businesses.

My mom is just happy I am still putting my degrees and college education to good use ;)


Hey, I'm Colie. I believe everyone deserves to run the business of their dreams and I think Dubsado is the answer.

Meet your Dubsado-guru

Seven years ago I pulled the trigger on my first CRM and it was a game-changer.  Two years later I discovered and went all-in with Dubsado. Now I help other creatives implement Dubsado in their own businesses.

kind words

Sabrina GEbhardt, Photographer + educator

Colie knows Dubsado like no other family photographer. She shares her knowledge in a clear, concise and very understandable way. Through her teaching I have added so much organization and simplified my processes immensely. If you need a CRM in your business (and you do), take Colie’s course so that your future self will thank you."

"Colie is THE reason that I chose Dubsado for my own photography business and I am so happy I did.

Don't you want to find out what work-life balance is all about?

Signature System for  Photographers

introducing my

yes, I do!

This is the system I have created and perfected to run my own photography business using Dubsado

You've convinced me!

Before you create or update a single asset in your account, let's strategize your dream backend of your business. Use mine as-is or for inspiration!

Map out your workflows

I have created a set of canned emails, workflows, consultation call scheduler (with confirmation and reminders),  and family proposal + questionnaire for you to customize for your business.

Create your templates

Using the proposal system, it's possible to get a session date confirmed, offer accepted, contract signed, and retainer paid all in one step. Make it easy for them to say YES to your offer.

Eliminate friction in your booking process

Say goodbye the constant struggle to stay on top of your inbox and sending manual emails for each step in the client experience. Let Dubsado send follow-up emails, confirmations, and reminders on your behalf. 

Automate your client communication

The Process

Dubsado will be your new best friend 

Photographers, trust me when I say...

This is how I can help you streamline your business 🥳

Happy to outsource the tech tasks in their business.

Interested in using a proven system and not reinventing the wheel for workflows

Have a system you love in another CRM and want your custom workflows + processes translated and integrated into Dubsado

Hand off your Dubsado setup to the expert 😃

self-paced course


This offer is perfect for those who are:

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Prefer a Do-It-Yourself option, but want some guidance on best practices.

Are willing to put in the work to get the system implemented and can follow step-by-step written or video trainings.

Desire templated forms and workflows to speed up the process and get your Dubsado setup completed that much faster.

The CRM Blueprint

self-paced course


This offer is perfect for those who:

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kind words

Sally Rudy, photographer

Before purchasing Dubsado I was having pretty extensive discussions via messenger with clients. Now that I have an established workflow in Dubsado I feel like my client communication is SO much more consistent and efficient. It also gets my sessions booked, complete with a signed contract and retainer fee paid in record time."

Before purchasing Dubsado I was having pretty extensive discussions via messenger with clients and answering A LOT of questions in order to get the necessary information to send the contract. This was a time consuming process and it felt like it was a pain, not just for me but for my clients too. Now that I have an established workflow in Dubsado I feel like my client communication is SO much more consistent and efficient. It also gets my sessions booked, complete with a signed contract and retainer fee paid in record time."

"Ultimately, what helped me to get up and running with my Dubsado was a step-by-step set of instructions & a guided tutorial from Colie showing me the process of one complete proposal/workflow.

I've done all the legwork for you to streamline your photogtaphy business using Dubsado. Whether you choose a Dubsado VIP Day, where I do the implementation for you, or you join my self-paced course CRM Blueprint, you will have the benefit of starting the process with my signature system for photographers.

imagine if you could have your systems setup in dubsado in a matter of days, not months

And now it's your turn!

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Kick your feet up while I do all the heavy lifting!


Dubsado VIP day


Are you ready to reclaim time in your business?

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Step-by-step trainings and templates elevate your business.


CRM blueprint course

Self-Paced Course

What you do with that extra time is up to you!

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