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Documentary Family Filmmaking – Obsessed with Layup

family films

The hardest part of filmmaking is finding the songs.  When I am in the zone making films I listen to a lot of songs on repeat.  I have a few music memberships, but the majority of my films are scored by songs licensed from Musicbed.  I also go through phases where I get OBSESSED with […]

Louisville Colorado Newborn Photography – Meet Georgia

hospital newborn photography

I am often hired by families, not when they have their first child, but for the second and then all subsequent babies. However, I photographed both Eliza and Wilder in the hospital within 48 hours of birth.  This is the first family for which I have photographed three newborns. She didn’t have a name when […]

I am not crying you’re crying… well yes I’m actually crying

a day in the life

Detroit Family Photographer. So a client made me cry today, on the very last day of the year and decade. 10 years ago I was in severe pain from my gallbladder surgery, popping pain pills like candy because I didn’t know I was pregnant with Chloe.  When I told James I was pregnant I was […]

Morning with the Lowes | Family Photography in Westminster, Colorado

family photography sessions

Family Photography in Westminster, Colorado.  I know I know, you might be thinking by now that ALL my clients are wedding photographers.  LOL they aren’t, I have just had a slew of them lately.  I still photograph regular ol’ everyday people too.  Promise! Rachel originally contacted me for a Day in the Life session (with […]

Broomfield Newborn Photographer – Meet Draco

at-home session

Broomfield Newborn Photographer.  Baby Dinosaur has arrived and he has a name!  Meet Draco. I could give you a play by play of this session or you can just click play and see for yourself.  These are the most hilarious 1st-time parents ever.  Each of Draco’s milestones gets recorded with the letter board, okay maybe […]

Denver Fresh 48 Photo – Meet Margot

Denver Fresh 48 Photo, St Joseph Hospital, Clementine Kids Rainbow Swaddle

hospital newborn photography

It was my first Denver Fresh 48 Photo Session at St Joseph Hospital.  Can I just say I LOVE the valet parking and private elevator that goes straight to the mom + baby center?  This little one was due on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but she held out until December 1st likely to share a birthday […]

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