Broomfield Newborn Photographer – Meet Draco

Broomfield Newborn Photographer.  Baby Dinosaur has arrived and he has a name!  Meet Draco.

I could give you a play by play of this session or you can just click play and see for yourself.  These are the most hilarious 1st-time parents ever.  Each of Draco’s milestones gets recorded with the letter board, okay maybe not EVERY single one, but most.  While I was there mom showed me the first sleeper he grew out of 🙂 In-between sessions, I am enjoying seeing him grow on Instagram through mom’s videos.  I can’t wait to come back at 6 months to see how much he has grown.  Do you think he will be sitting or crawling when I go back? It will be in spring so there might still be snow on the ground LOL.  But I hope not because then maybe we can play in the backyard!  We ended this session with a short walk through the neighborhood, showing off his Michigan State hat. #gogreengowhite

Rufio was also so sweet with his new brother, but not so much with the delivery guys who insist on delivering a package and then sitting in their car right outside the house.  Can they not hear the dog STILL barking at them????  A-N-Y-W-A-Y-S.  Thank you to Conor and Christine for allowing me to document Draco’s first year of life.


Broomfield newborn photographer colie james breakfast

Broomfield newborn photographer colie james footprints

Broomfield newborn photographer colie james newborn portrait

With Christmas around the corner, I don’t want much, just more fresh babies to photograph.  Can you help me with that?

Are you expecting a little one?  Whether you are 1st time parent or you want to document your children meeting for the first time, this Broomfield newborn photographer is IN.  Let’s chat about a Denver Fresh 48 Photo Session or a Yearbook that captures their life in the first year.  If you delay you might just blink and miss it all.

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