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Erie Colorado Family Photographer – At Home with Bodhi and Lilah

Erie Colorado Family Photographer.  I have been with Bodhi and Lilah since their first day in the hospital. You can see their Life in the 1st Year films, Bodhi and Lilah, but this is their first annual Parenthood session.  It can be a slight adjustment swapping to once a year from every 4 months. It might increase the kids’ excitement to show me all the things that have changed in the last year.

For this session, we started with some cereal, because who doesn’t love some Lucky Charms.  Grizzly is especially happy when the kids drop some on the floor, they’re magically delicious.  Outside Bodhi showed me how high he can swing and how hard he can hit a tee-ball. I was just super excited we had some decent weather to play in the backyard. Of course I filmed them jumped around on the couches, because THAT is what we do when Miss Colie comes over. Snuggles and kisses are always included and those facial expressions are a given with this family!

So whether you are expecting a baby or your family is already complete, awesomely real photos + films are at your fingertips.  Take the first step and contact me to start planning your very first Parenthood session. It will be the best decision ever. Not in Colorado?  Don’t worry, this Erie Colorado Family Photographer travels 😉


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