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Boulder Newborn Photographer | A Year in the Life of Bodhi

Watch Boulder Newborn Photographer Colie James document Life in the 1st Year in under 3 minutes.


This family’s hospital session was my first session of 2016 and their 1 year was my first session of 2017.  They are a great family to kickstart any new year. I will forever associate the birth of baby Bodhi with the beating the Spartans took from ‘Bama at the Cotton Bowl on December 31, 2015.  Luckily he decided his mama’s womb was nice and comfy for 5 days passed his due date, but traveling still required a few “just in case” return flights.  All the babies I was expecting had arrived, but he was the holdout.  Anyone who watched the game knows we just should have stayed home.  At least seeing family is always good and Bodhi was adorable to photograph later that week when we returned to Colorado.

The difference between his newborn and 6 months images is huge.  From 6 months to 1 year he is the same baby, just bigger!  Often I sit and cry while I make the Yearbook films.  Hey it is HARD watching a year’s worth of footage without being emotional, but with Bodhi’s I just laughed and laughed.  This is very true to his personality.  Throw in a little Bob Dylan, Diet Coke, a dog bed and we are all set for the nostalgia this video demands.  Here is Life in the 1st Year with Bodhi.



Want a Yearbook of your own?  If you are looking for a newborn photographer in or around Lafayette, Colorado area I would love to hear from you.  Colie James Photography offers lifestyle photography sessions in Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver and the surrounding areas that tell the story of you and your family across the first year and beyond.  For additional information on sessions please click here.  Let’s chat.


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