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I am a take or leave it kind of person and that attitude seeps into the way I run my business and ultimately market myself to families.  I post my work with the idea that people will see it and if they like it they will reach out and hire me.  I don’t have a lot of call to actions or testimonials on my website because I think my work speaks for itself.  I mean that is how it works, right?

Well as part of a Mastermind I joined I played with the idea of adding in a few testimonials throughout the site to help *sell* the sessions, but most importantly the experience of having a session with me.  I put out a public call on my Facebook page and one of the clients that has been with me the longest posted she was on it. A few days later I had an email in my inbox with her testimonial.  Y’all I couldn’t even finish reading it through my the tears running down my face.  I am not sure where I will post this or what portions I will ultimately use, but I am going to post it here in its entirety with my sincere thanks to Jill.  I love y’all too and can’t wait to see you in December.

We first met Colie when my daughter was 2 and my son was on the way. We were scrambling to find a new photographer, as ours had, frankly, disappeared.

She arrived at our house and did not start setting up her equipment, did not start telling us how the day would go, but instead started to just play with our daughter. Colie let her show her all of her toys and all of her favorite things. This took some time but they both enjoyed it.

The pictures that followed could not have been more real and genuine, all because Colie took the time to get to know her!

Fast forward three shots later… my kids run to the door when they know Colie has arrived. She is like their long-distance favorite Aunt! She allows them to be themselves…and she captures all those special moments…even jumping off our staircase the couch below!! As a mom, I want some more formal pics…but they are not awkwardly posed…she tells them go sit on the couch next to each other…and they go plop there and it’s the most perfect picture ever.

Besides these wonderful pictures…the videos!! Good gracious, how forever precious these are to me!! I even have an icon set up on my phone that goes directly to her website with our videos. I can watch them whenever I need to… a long day at work…when I’ve retreated to my closet for my own timeout…my heart is forever thankful!

Colie goes above and beyond all the time!! I believe she truly loves my kids and wants to capture their magic.

We had a shoot last summer and a week later needed to put our dog down. Colie offered to come back to our house and capture more last pics of our sweet pup…those aside from the pics she had already gotten of him the week before.

Colie is amazing…not only as a photographer but as a genuine human being. We are so lucky to have found her! I could not ask for anything better.
My family loves her and the photo shoots are fun which equals amazing pictures and precious moments captured forever!!


Want to see what their sessions look like?  Here’s a nostalgic film I made for Jill last year with clips from the several of their sessions.


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