Documentary Family Photographer – New logo by Chinelle Ro Design Co.

What words come to mind when you land on my site or review my work?  I hope my bright and bubbly personality comes through, but also that I am happiest documenting families AT HOME.  Yes, I am actually screaming that, LOL.

I went to The Photo Cookout hosted by Tomayia Colvin Education last month (read my review HERE) and one of the fabulous people I met was Chinelle Rojas, a birth photographer extraordinaire, but also a design queen.  I made a presentation about outsourcing by Image Salon and ended my talk with “find someone in this room to help you improve your business”.  I decided to put my money where my mouth is and hired Chinelle to create a new logo for Colie James Photography.  I gave her a sparsely created Pinterest board and basically told her how much I love color, rainbows in particular.  I may have also emphasized that I prefer in-HOME sessions so a house or some other indoor design element might be worth exploring.

I am in love with the design and colors.  If you are thinking of giving your brand a refresh, hit her up!