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Lafayette Colorado Family Photographer – Mia 6 Months

Lafayette Colorado Family Photographer.  Yes, it’s another installment with the K Family.  If you want to see Mia’s older sister June at 8 months, take a peek here.  By the end of Mia’s Yearbook, I envision making a picture in picture video so you can see June and Mia at similar ages because they really are twins born 2 years apart.


Music licensed from MusicBed.
Proof (instrumental) by The Dinahs.



While Mia is the most mellow baby ever I am quite certain no one will ever use those words to describe Miss June.  There is a clip that didn’t make it into this session’s film where she tells me “we are done taking pictures, we are dancing now“.  So matter of fact but also hopelessly adorable at the same time. I am super excited to see all of them again in April for Mia’s 1st birthday party, but really I can’t wait to see more of June in the role of BIG sister.  Do you think Mia’s chunky monkey legs will be gone?

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