Longmont Newborn Photographer – Addie Yearbook

Longmont Newborn Photographer. I am currently in Guam waiting for the 3rd Maltese baby to arrive, so it’s only fitting I am blogging this session of another family of 5.  This was absolutely my most chaotic session with the Woody Clan.  Addie’s big sisters just wanted to hold her and Addie just wanted to be FREE.  While she is walking EVERYWHERE now, during the session she preferred the comfort of crawling to showing off her newly walking legs.

Also, the big girls wore what mom wanted until I got the “family” pictures and then they got to wear their princess dresses.  They get all of Chloe’s hand-me-down princess stuff so they are super excited when I come over.  I have a whole tub of dolls waiting for them when I come home!


That’s okay, Miss Colie will just get it next time 😉 I have never needed an excuse to have waffles with Laura, I will just be sure to pack a camera!

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I Like You by Olive James.



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