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Phoenix Documentary Family Photography – Let’s sing happy birthday!

Phoenix Documentary Family Photography – Happy Birthday to you (Megan).

In my house, James, Chloe, and I, all celebrate our birthdays in a two-week span.  There is a lot of singing Happy Birthday, birthday cupcakes, and usually swimming.  I know swimming is a bit odd, but since all of our birthdays are during summer we usually hang out in the pool daily, especially on our birthdays.  In December I went to Phoenix and spent a weekend with Megan of Magpie Love Photography for her 32nd birthday.  The first film below was her birthday and the traditional birthday cake + candles.  They have a pool, but we didn’t swim, next time!



But the reason I mention birthdays is most of their family are winter babies.  Today is sweet Junie’s 1st birthday.  I sang her Happy Birthday twice on FB Messenger today, and before I went to bed last night I delivered their full-day film so Megan could wake up to it.  So technically I was a birthday present twice LOL.  Her response “go ahead and put us on your schedule every other year” which is exactly what I like to hear from my Day in the Life Photography clients.  Also, it’s worth mentioning while this Day in the Life session was in Phoenix, I travel anywhere planes fly.



Your family is perfection, let me show you. Not sure if a Phoenix Documentary Family Photography Day in the Life session is right for your family?  Reach out and let’s have a face to face conversation and discuss options.  There is a time clock on these sessions because I am not getting any younger. This is not a scarcity marketing ploy, it’s reality. So if your birthday is around the corner (or not) just drop my website link on your partner’s computer or book the session and tell them after.  I am 100% #dadapproved


Happy Birthday Junie!

phoenix documentary family photography happy first birthday junie

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