I know 24 hours with a photographer sounds like crazy town, but it will be the best day ever. Promise.

These are not your average family photosessions.  Every family has their own unique story so let's take a day to tell your story, unabridged and unscripted. This experience yields images and a family film guaranteed to bring on the happy tears during nostalgic times. 

I make friends easily.

Honestly, the only way this works is if your kids feel comfortable enough around me to act like themselves. 

Awesomely REAL moments guaranteed.

I am a filmmaker too.

The best thing about hiring me for your Day in the Life session is I can capture it all, tiny voices included.

I am NOT a fly on the wall.

If you have ever met me you know I can't possibly be quiet and only observe for an entire day.

That's just not me.

Luxury of Time


There is no rush.  We have an entire day to allow your family to spend the day together without pressure to perform for the camera.


No decisions about which activities to document, we will do them all.  Morning snuggles + bedtime routines, and everything in-between.


An entire day of being together.  There will be giggles, tears, a time-out or two, but your family will make some amazing memories together and have pictures to relive them.

Am I speaking your language?

Take a look at a Day in the Life films of these fabulous families below, they speak for themselves.  Keep in mind these are their stories, their memories.  When you decide you are ready for your day in front my camera, reach out so we can pick a date. It will be the best decision you ever made.

a Day in the Life

Colorado Springs

Frequently Asked Questions

a Day in the Life

Portland, OR

A few of the adventures from my sessions

What will we do for your day in the life besides mandatory snuggles?

The Zoo.

Water balloon fight.

Christmas Tree Farm.

Boat Ride on the River.

Pumpkin Patch.

An Amusement Park.

Sprinkler in the backyard.

Solar Eclipse.

My Dutch Life

The Netherlands

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Image Credit: So You by Erica Sue