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Denver Family Photographer – Just stay home

Denver Family Photographer. I haven’t blogged since the first week of February and for those that know me that a LONG time.  I was so busy in February I barely had time to breathe.  I had scheduled myself to be out of town every single weekend, totally by accident.  I went to Dallas, Disneyland, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, and then ended the month back in Dallas.  I was honestly really looking forward to some downtime in March, but damn THIS is not what I meant.  COVID-19 can literally kiss my ass.

To be honest, I am an extrovert with some pretty introvert tendencies.  I love people.  I love photographing people.  I love helping people, but I also LOVE just sitting at home with my family.  Social distancing, with a splash of video-conferencing, is really my happy place.  Just as long as I have food, alcohol, and something to keep me occupied, I will be alright.  We’re ending our 4th week of social distancing and we are all surviving, I dare say Chloe is the happiest child ever.

I just postponed my first session,  Mia’s 1st birthday, so I’m feeling a bit sad.  All my April sessions were pushed to May/June, so I am optimistic the stay at home orders will be lifted by then. I am just dreaming of photographing my next sessions because I am overdue for baby snuggles.  I am thinking of sending out an email so I can scheduling virtual video chats with my families.  I miss them so much.

So what I have been up to?  I have been perfecting my Orange-Almond Cake (Torta de Almendra) and lasagna recipe.  When this is lifted I will likely spend at least an hour a day at the gym for 100 days straight. I don’t have any awesome pictures to share, so maybe I should work on my food photography skills.



Do the same as this Denver Family Photographer and just stay home.


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