Let me explain how this works.

You hire me.  Well if you haven’t decided to hire me read about my newborn and family offerings first.  Haven’t seen pricing yet?  Visit the investment page for details.  Then send me a contact form and hire me.

I send you a questionnaire to fill out.  This helps me get to know you so that when I arrive at your home (or the hospital) all that is left is to put a face to the name.  Also helps me figure out how we will spend our time together and what is most important for you so I get images/video that reflect this.

I check in with you a week before your session to confirm it (or 3 weeks before your due date just to check-in and remind you about the process of scheduling once the baby arrives).

You pick out something AMAZINGLY comfortable to wear.  LOL no really, something comfortable because if you don’t feel comfortable it will show in the pictures. But WHAT colors should you wear?  Coordinating colors, I always ask that you avoid wearing solid red and you don’t all wear the same color.

You clean your house.  I mean clean, not sterilize.  I want to see your “everyday clean” not the kind of clean you do before your mother visits, you know what I mean.

I show up the day of the session with camera and coffee in hand.  I have my own routine of charging batteries, popping fresh memory cards in each camera, and stopping by Starbucks on the way. Must.Have.Coffee.

I pull out the cameras and say “ready… set… action”.  Well, not really.  Sometimes I will walk into your house camera in hand ready to immediately start shooting, particularly if it isn’t our first date 🙂

While I am at your house I will take still images, setup another camera to capture some video (with fusion slideshow upgrade), and joke around to get some natural expressions.  I also take frequent breaks to play with your children.  I have been known to read books and kick a soccer ball while your kids chase me.  [Yes, that really does happen].

Don’t look at me” is the most common thing I will say while I am in your house.

When I am ready to go because I have gotten everything I need or your children indicate it is time for me to go, I will pack up all my things and leave your house gracefully.  NOTE- I am known for pulling my camera out 3-4 times before I actually hit the door because something else catches my eye.  I apologize in advance.  #sorryimnotsorry

I come home and immediately download my cards.  Mostly because I am paranoid and want your precious images downloaded and backed up. But also because there are likely 1 or 2 images that I remember taking that immediately need to be edited and shared with the world.  [Well, my Facebook fans at least].  You are a fan, right?

Then over the next few days/weeks (you will know in advance if I am able to immediately start editing your session or if I have a few more on my plate to wrap up) I edit and obsess over your images.  [Well, I mostly obsess over the slideshows but same difference].

When I have your proofing gallery complete (slideshow, images, album pages) I contact you with a private link.  Then you have the agonizing responsibility of watching the slideshow over and over again (have tissues ready) before you tell me if you need any images swapped or if we are ready to STP (send to print).

Within 2 weeks of your final proof approval you will receive all of your goodies.  I hand deliver so you can expect a call/text/email to schedule a time for me to deliver your goods.  I like to watch you as you review your album just to be sure everything is as expected.

Then we do this all again.  Well, if you haven’t already booked a continuing baby plan or scheduled your next session I will wait for your call 🙂