You deserve to be IN the family photos, Periodt.

This generation of kids are no strangers to being in front of the camera. iPhones and other mobile phone cameras are in the hands of almost every parent, so pictures might be an everyday occurrence in your household. You may even have an insane amount of selfies with your family in the frame. But. don’t you want pictures without the limitation of how far your arm can stretch? Trust me, you do.

the beauty of everyday

video + photo = awesome

I don't mean to brag, ...ehhh that's a lie I will TOTALLY brag. If people cry while watching my films of complete strangers, just imagine what it would be like to watch your own family? I bring your family memories to life and seeing + hearing their giggles or the moment your children meet for the first time is always worthy of #happytears. Don't believe me? Go watch a few of my favorites. Honestly, the #1 reason you hire me over another photographer is the family video. #tissuesrequired


Which best describes you?

I am having a baby

My job is just to make sure there are photographs (and video) for your children and future grandchildren to experience how it was too. Let me not lie, it is also so that when they are raging teenagers full of hormones and attitude you have a few family films and albums to remember when they were so little and cute. Everybody needs this.

I want some real family photos

An ordinary day has so many little moments worth remembering. The way your littlest clings to your leg, carries a baby doll in each hand or lays their head on your chest, won't last forever. Checking under the bed for monsters will soon be a thing of the past, so let's document these moments before they are gone.

Working with Colie

All of the fun and none of the stress.

"My kids run to the door when they know Colie has arrived. She is like their long-distance favorite Aunt! She allows them to be themselves...and she captures all those special moments...even jumping off our staircase the couch below!! As a mom, I want some more formal pics...but they are not awkwardly posed...she tells them go sit on the couch next to each other...and they go plop there and it's the most perfect picture ever." Jill B



What to Expect

Before your session

Fill out your questionnaire and pick something comfortable to wear.


I need to know nicknames, how to make your kids laugh, and no one wants to be in something uncomfortable with a camera in their face for a few hours.


during your session

You be you and I will take care of the rest.


Your kids will thing cameras mean fun and your partner will be happy to join in too. Don't worry about getting anyone to cooperate, you hired an expert.



after your session

I will make you cry.


I would apologize, but it's literally my job. They will be tears of joy, but nonetheless you will need tissues when you view your video for the first time.



What others are saying ...

"The little things you could so easily forget. Colie is amazing at what she does. She has a way of coming in and capturing real moments in a magical way. I love that I will be able to share our video with my kids as they get older so they can see how happy and in love they were with each other from the very beginning."

-Kate H

"Several years ago I made one more attempt at booking family photographer for the birth of my third child's birth! I was extremely apprehensive to have a photographer come to the hospital especially right after her birth and having older siblings involved, yikes! But let me tell you Colie came in and with that session it changed my entire view on family photography. No more trying to get everyone to look at the camera and no more perfect clothes!"

-Laura S

Why should you schedule a chat?

Listen, I know talking on the phone is a thing of the past to most, but the type of photography sessions I offer are not impersonal. Whether we wake up together during your Day in the Life session or we officially meet at the hospital the day after you give birth, shit gets real. So before we waste any of your money or my time, we should find out if we are the type of people that could enjoy a latte/cocktail together. In fact, I encourage you to google ‘documentary family photographer’ and if you find a better fit for your family, book them instead. No hard feelings, promise!