Welcome to Parenthood

It’s all smiles on Day 1. Well, until you start to remember and feel what it was like to bring them into the world. Regardless how your children come to you there is always a bit of pain and anguish involved, at least for me. Then you realize you will never again have a restful night’s sleep, go the bathroom alone, or take daily showers for granted. There are benefits to make you forget: kisses, snuggles, smiles, and the way they smell after a bath. You just want to breathe it all in so you never forget. Those are just the early years. My job is just to make sure there are photographs (and video) for your children and future grandchildren to experience how it was too. Let me not lie, it is also so that when they are raging teenagers full of hormones and attitude you have a few family films and albums to remember when they were so little and cute. Everybody needs this.

Big Brother’s Yearbook

Little Sister’s Yearbook

Life in the 1st Year

The first year goes by so quickly. They go from being a tiny baby to a walking and talking toddler in a span of 12 months. Watch a yearbook film and if you aren't 100% convinced then this isn't for you.

Documentary Newborn Photography

Visiting Hours Only

Boulder Newborn Photography : I can barely remember the two days I spent in the hospital. I spent the first few hours with my daughter counting her fingers and toes to make sure they were all there. Stroking her head full of hair in disbelief that she was here, healthy, and mine. I have a few snapshots taken in the hospital the day we left, but what I wouldn’t give to go back in time and do an in-hospital session.



The Skinny on Hospital Newborn Sessions…

Documentary Newborn Photography

Newborn Photos at Home

6 Reasons to book an in-home newborn session

-Time to recover from childbirth
-Flexibility in scheduling the session (anytime up to a month)
-EVERYONE gets to be in the pictures
-Your home (including the nursery) makes the perfect backdrop for photos
-If you have other children they get a chance to get used to the baby before I shove the camera in their face
-You can include any four-legged siblings as well

photo + video = awesome

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