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90 second shoot – creativity challenge

Photography Creativity 90 second challenge

Okay so MAYBE I didn’t get these in 90 seconds 🙂  These particular images actually span 4 minutes, but I shot this activity 3 different times across a ten minute period.  For a toddler that’s the same thing, right?

I also don’t claim to have been genius enough to create this activity.  I was looking on the Light Inspired Forum earlier this week and Brittany Putnam posted her work from this blog post.  I have done something similar but never to get more than 5 or 6 images at once or for a set period of time.  I just love capturing the facial expressions that are SO Chloe.  In the last week I have seen a few of these “90 second shoots” on Facebook or Flickr with seniors so I decided to do one Toddler style.  I don’t really need to tell you that doing this with a toddler is vastly different than doing it with a Teen/Adult, right?  Here is what it took to get these shots.

I bribed her with 2 bags of fruit snacks.

I tickled her face repeatedly with a llama llama.

I made the MOST ridiculous faces from behind my camera (I was cracking up too).

I had to keep reminding her to sit by the window for the “good” light.


Well on second thought maybe doing one of these with a toddler is NOT so different!  I am pretty sure I will be trying this out on my next client shoot.  Any custom school photographers use this concept?

My tips for doing this with a toddler:

  1. find a really good light source and a “clean” background
  2. give them a chair to sit in or mark a spot on the floor for them to sit/stand on
  3. come prepared with bribes (nothing makes her eyes light up like fruit snacks)
  4. do silly things to make them giggle so you get some authentic expressions (and maybe ONE cheesy smile)


Are you intrigued?  Try it out yourself and see what you get.  I know I may make this a monthly challenge because how awesome would it be to have a collection across an entire year 🙂

My friend Kayla Maltese did a 90 second challenge with her son, check it out!

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