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What to know if you are considering booking a family storytelling session for yourself!

Have you ever just browsed my blog?  I do this sometimes in all my leisurely time (LOL).  I have written the wide range of posts on my blog with three different audiences in mind: my current clients, potential clients, and for other photographers.  Sometimes I feel like there are topics I have written about before that I should re-write for a different intended audience.  This is one of those times.

I want to start my re-iterating what I have said time and time again, portraits can be amazing.  There is no shortage of great, amazing, FABULOUS portrait photographers here in the Boulder – Denver – Ft. Collins corridor.  This blog post is about the OTHER options.  I have answered some potential client questions below.  If I have missed anything please send me a note so I can add it below.


How do I choose if I want a lifestyle, documentary, or photojournalism session with you? Please don’t focus on the words I use throughout my website.  The words actually have nothing to do with the type of session you book with me and most consumers of photography (unless you are a photographer) wouldn’t use any of these words to describe the type of session they are after.  When I get an email from a potential client interested in the family or newborn storytelling sessions I offer they are much more likely to use the word candid or un-posed.  So really, don’t pay too much attention to the words on my site when you are determining if I am the right photographer for you or even when comparing what I offer to other photographers.

What should I look at on your site to determine if I would enjoy a family session with you? VIDEOS.  If I could I would make that at least double in size. So look over my newly updated portfolio page.  Just please remember that while these are someone else’s moments, your everyday is just as fabulous.

I really do like your work, but I need a family portrait for the Holiday card and to send to the grandparents, I am torn on what to do. Grandparents will love the kind of pictures I take just as much as you do.  Book the session based on what you love, these sessions are about you.  If it eases your mind we can totally take an all-in-the-frame, sit-and-look-at-me picture too.  The important thing here is determining how important that perfect portrait is for you. If you are focused on it and feel it is the most important outcome of the session, I am not the right photographer for you.

I am not interested in doing a session in my home, do you ever do storytelling sessions not in the home? I do, but I really prefer we start in your house and then go elsewhere.  Starting at home tends to make everyone a little more comfortable at the start of a session, but I photograph people visiting from out of state that do not have that option.

How do I plan what to do for our session? Your session is about you so I will ask in a questionnaire and email what are the everyday things you wish someone was in the room with a camera to document.  No extensive planning needed but there are a few blog posts on the subject at the bottom of this post.

How much direction will you give us? As little or as much as you need. I am not a photographer that comes in and says “okay just do your thing and ignore me”. I am a very active participant in my sessions and let’s be real no one would ever believe that I could refrain from talking/interacting for 2+ hours.  I am definitely NOT a fly on the wall.  When something funny happens if I am not laughing that is only because I am currently recording a video clip and when I hit stop I will be laughing.  If your kid does something hysterical like shoving bacon in dad’s mouth and I didn’t quite get it I might gently nudge so it happens again. To me these are still authentic moments and before your session we will have a conversation about what you hope I might capture during a session so I look for them.  But if you are worried about it being awkward with dead air, that is just not how I roll.



It is not about giving you a few pictures on a USB, it’s about telling your story and allowing you the chance to look at these videos and feel nostalgic/weepy. Thinking about what we will do for your family photojournalism session? If you want that for your family let’s chat.

*Preview image by Laura Woody

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