I'm Colie

I make awesomely real photos + everyday films for families just like yours, even in a pandemic.

Your family is awesome

documentary family Photography

An ordinary day has so many little moments worth remembering. The way your littlest clings to your leg, carries a baby doll in each hand or lays their head on your chest, won't last forever. Checking under the bed for monsters will soon be a thing of the past, so let's document these moments before they are gone.

get the photos that prove it!

I'm ready. what's the next step

Think about how you want to remember this season of life.  It's okay to document the reality of parenthood just as it is.

family photographs for real moments


No "Say Cheese"
You get to wear what you want
No debating the perfect place to have your session
Dads love me
Your life, your moments, with YOU in them

5 reasons to have a documentary family session






sounds good to me.  I'm in!!!

how to have a stress-free session

Trust me!

How should you prepare for your in-home session?

Have your house everyday clean, not my mother-in-law is coming to visit clean.
Fill out your questionnaire and I will worry about what you will do (and not do) during your session.
Pick something comfortable to wear and let the kids do the same. I promise even if they wear that tutu you HATE you will love seeing the pictures of them in it.
Let me worry about getting the awesomely real photos + films. I am great with husbands and kids alike.


Featured family film

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Daydreaming about...

a Day in the Life session?

This is not your average photo session

There will be no forced smiles, matching outfits, or frustration trying to get that "perfect" portrait, but really it is the luxury of time that makes Day in the Life sessions so enjoyable. I show up at your house the day before to meet your kids and or to put your husband/partner's mind at ease. Then we do this thing. Within the first two hours of the day, my camera becomes pretty invisible and life unfolds in a natural way.

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Are you worried about booking family photos in a pandemic?

I swear after the 10 weeks I spent locked inside my house I just did not know how to act around other humans.   I was also not sure in-home newborn sessions would ever be possible.  Now that I am back to work I can unequivocally state I was mistaken. Are you scared to have a photographer in your space? Before you cross family photos off your list for the remainder of the pandemic, let's talk about what in-home photo sessions look like in a pandemic. 

I don’t blame you. Seriously. 


Only one in-home session per week.


I wear a mask the entire time.


I touch no one and maintain social distancing.

Sounds good. I'm ready to take the next step

It doesn't have to be awkward, but you should know you can't pay me in tacos or coffee no matter how much I love them. I don't want to waste your time or mine so please use this as the measuring stick.

A $350 non-refundable session fee is due at time of booking to secure your date for a Parenthood session. Digital image + product packages begin at $750.

parenthood session pricing


Just take my money