I document life.  I have an annual session just like I encourage my clients to do.  We snuggle in bed, make breakfast, get dressed, play games, and sit on the couch with our iPads.  YES I do actually want pictures of us all being in the same room doing our own thing.  Why?  Because that is what our life actually looks like.  Think how funny we will look when iPads no longer exist!

Family storytelling sessions that preserve the memories for future generations.  Think of these images as a gift for your future grandchildren.  What memories of your family would you cherish having documented at this time? Are you looking for a family photography session to document a birthday, milestones like newly walking or someone just learning to ride a bike?   Do the everyday moments like Saturday morning breakfast and playing a board game bring you joy?  The family session includes 2 hours of documentation and high-resolution digital images.  Or you could have an entire day documented!  See the Day in the Life Sessions below.

Ready to think about your own session?  Let's chat.  Pricing information can be found here.

a day in your life

Yes, it is really as crazy as it sounds.  I show up at your house the day before to meet your kids and or to put your husband/partner's mind at ease.  Then we do this thing.  I follow you around with my cameras to get the laughter and tears as you go about your everyday life. Common question: Do I follow you into the bathroom? (yes I have been asked).  I follow little people.  Big people you get the privacy you only dream the kids would give you.

So what should we do?????  I have done a 1st birthday and anniversary for special occasions, but otherwise just an ordinary day filled with your extraordinary moments.  Just life as you know it.

Day in the Life