Authentic and Stress-Free

Parenthood sessions are two hours of family time + my camera. You be you and leave the documentation to me.


Amazing images, without stress or the need to say "cheese".


Real memories deserve to be hung on walls too.


Everyone will have fun, yes even dads.

Am I speaking your language?

A Day in the Life

An entire day's worth of awesomely real moments captured on video + images. Forever told for your children and future grandchildren.

An ordinary day has so many little moments worth documenting.  The way your littlest clings to your leg, carries a baby doll in each hand, or lays their head on your chest won't last forever.   

There are 365 days in a year and you just have to pick one.  I have documented super special days like a 1st birthday or anniversary, but any day you choose will be ordinary magic. 

Be your own kind of amazing

Why would you want a Day in the Life session?

This is not your typical annual photosession.

There will be no forced smiles, matching outfits, or frustration trying to get that "perfect" portrait, but really it is the luxury of time that makes Day in the Life sessions so enjoyable. I show up at your house the day before to meet your kids and or to put your husband/partner's mind at ease.  Then we do this thing.  Within the first two hours of the day, my camera becomes pretty invisible and life unfolds in a natural way.

the story of you