Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Newborn Photographer

There is one thing I want to say off the bat, no type of newborn photography is better than another, it is all about your personal preference.  I do however strongly encourage you to hire a newborn photographer so that you do not regret failing to do so later.  While you might initially be satisfied with the images you capture on your phone or that a non-professional captures, if you don’t like what you get it is often too late to rectify the error.  If you hire a newborn photographer whose work you love you will never regret that decision.

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1. There is always something else to do

Once your baby is on the outside you are responsible for a new life.  You will literally be too busy to pick up a camera between the diaper changes, feedings, and sleep.  Granted nearly all of us have mobile phones with cameras in them, but this is not what you want for this stage in life.  Even if you have a decent camera someone has to take the picture and that family member won’t be IN the photo.  Oh you have a camera with a timer feature? Seriously it’s still just too much thinking and stress to do it yourself.  Don’t believe me?  Go ahead and try it now to see if you are satisfied with the results.  Now imagine setting that up after the baby comes.

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2. They won’t remember what they looked like (and frankly neither will you)

I know this is obvious, but they won’t remember anything from this stage of life.  When they have their own children and you say “that’s exactly what you looked like as a child” have the images (and video) to show them.  You are one of the few that witness their entrance into the world and you will forget.  Memories fade or get fuzzy beyond recognition, so when nostalgia kicks in you will have these images to satisfy it.


3. As time passes so does the opportunity to hire someone for these images

Maybe you won’t miss what you didn’t have, but I have met far too many people who do (myself included). I wish I had hired a birth photographer or had a Fresh 48 session.  All I have are some iPhone images and 3 images I had a nurse snap on my point and shoot camera before we checked out.  I certainly don’t have what I deliver to my own clients now.  Hiring a professional takes planning so please don’t wait until you are almost due to seek out a hospital session or after delivery to hire a studio photographer.  The time to start looking is in your second trimester.  You might just blink and be planning a first birthday party.

1st birthday crib image


If you are having a baby we should chat!  Don’t just think about hiring a newborn photographer in or around Lafayette, Colorado area, DO IT.  The  photos + video I deliver from your newborn session will bring on the happy tears.  Let’s start planning your newborn session.

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