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The pressure of a selfie

Cameras are fancy yo!  Cell phones have amazing cameras now.  DSLRs have internal timers and apps that can be triggered from your cell phone.  Don’t even get me started on the Mirrorless Revolution.  Nearly everyone has a camera at their fingertips and absolutely NO excuse for not being IN the pictures. So let’s talk about those selfies.

I am not a fan of selfies at all.  I try to take selfies with my phone, I setup a camera to take a family selfie on the couch when I remember, but overall I hate them.  I always feel fat, my iPhone Xs does something weird to my skintone, and my family gets irritated if I try to take more than 3 shots.  There is SO MUCH PRESSURE to get an amazing shot and get it quickly.  Most of the time I avoid asking my family for a selfie for ALL the reasons I have mentioned.

family selfie

But I need to get better, I need to start insisting, I need to negotiate with them because before I know it my almost 9-year old will be graduating high school. And while I am great at hiring people to come and photograph my family, it’s just never enough.  Even 2-3 times a year I never feel like it is enough.  It’s March and we haven’t taken a single family couch selfie in 2019, time to change that.



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