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Shoot and Share Contest Results (2019)

It was my second year entering the Shoot and Share photo contest.  Last year I had 16 images place at least Top 30% and this year that increased to 24 of the 50 images I submitted.  I even had a Finalist image in the Newborn category.  I submitted my images on the last day from my hotel room in Raleigh, so I basically submitted the images I had from my Best of 2018 client post on my laptop.  Next year I will try to be more prepared and will totally remember to enter some personal images as well.


Newborn Category 410/ 39479

Newborn Category 2540/39479

Newborn Category 4338/39479

Newborn Category 10901/39479


Families Category 2298/41257

Families Category 9906/41257

That Just Happened

That Just Happened Category 622/6103

That Just Happened Category 953/6103

That Just Happened Category 953/6103


LIfestyle/Documentary Category 876/27467

LIfestyle/Documentary Category 3687/27467

Lifestyle/Documentary Category 4566/27467

Lifestyle/Documentary Category 7227/27467

Share Joy

Share Joy Category 1380/10810

Share Joy Category 1794/10810


Emotion/Excitement 1513/10613

Emotion/Excitement 1535/10613

Emotion/Excitement Category 1663/10613

Styled Wedding/Fashion

Styled Category 2572/15926

Styled Category 2920/15926


Kids Category 4380/52643


Babies/Toddlers Category 5056/41322

Babies/Toddlers Category 9079/41322




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