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The Business of Telling Stories Workshop Review by Carolina Q Photography

The Colie James Photography  Business of Telling Stories Workshop has truly had a great impact on my photography. For months I was struggling with loving my photos.  All I knew was portraits, and that was not fulfilling.  I search the internet to find an answer to my dilemma and I finally came across Colie James. Colie James  has a simple and clear methodology to help her apprentices understand the unique style of story telling photography.  Furthermore the workshop helps one to develop the skills necessary to turn this new found skill into a businesses. It covers everything from fundamentals of framing, capturing and recreating moments to blogging and portfolio building.  All of this great information is made easily available and backed up by a great instructor.  Colie James  makes herself readily available to answer any questions that may arise, and work though any problems the students are having. Whether it be an issue with photos or an issue with editing software, Colie James is there to help.  Even months after I have completed the workshop, Colie James  has still made herself available to assist.
This is truly a great course.  6 out of 5 without a doubt .

Carolina Q Photography


carolina q photography business of telling stories review

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