Question for Colie : How did you make it past the 3 year mark with Nikon?

There is a running joke about me and the equipment I use, I am loyal to no one company.  I started Sony, then went Canon, and finally ended up Nikon (the last 3+ years and running now).  That is my DSLR/SLT resume but have also had a Fuji x100T/F as a sidekick taking the majority of my personal images and some of my amazing clients when warranted for the same amount of time.

Equipment envy is real.  This summer I discovered that Nikon is NOT the brand of choice for freelensing.  When we remove our lenses the aperture is automatically closed down instead of staying wide open as needed.  We must use something to prop our aperture ring open, like a thick piece of a business card.  That doesn’t really sound like something I should be doing on a $900 lens, right?  I wasn’t even able to get a shot until I borrowed a Mark III + 28mm 1.8 from THE Jessica Byrum.  Okay, so now we know if you want to freelens on a regular basis maybe Nikon is NOT right for you.

There is one single thing that Nikon gives me at the moment that no one else does and that is why I will be camp Nikon (’til the day I die) unless this becomes standard on another.  My D750 stores camera settings and video settings separately.  I know I know, those of you that have followed me for awhile or ever asked me an equipment question online or in-person have heard this before.  However it still astonishes me when I am in a large group of photographers how many don’t know this.

In the last few months, my eye has wandered a bit.  First to the Fuji XT2 because I wanted a lighter camera, one with EVF, and finally 4k video.  I actually pulled my card out to buy one until I realized the screen did not flip up to a full 90 degrees like my D750.  I need this feature for holding the camera above my head to document babies in their cribs.  I decided that was a deal breaker.  More recently I pondered the idea of purchasing a Panasonic GH5.  It is an amazing camera with a touchscreen and 4k video, PLUS it has a completely articulating screen and in-camera stabilization.

In the end, I just decided to stick with my Nikon gear as it is pretty awesome.  Maybe when the D850 is off backorder I will give it another look.

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