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Letters to Our Daughters | One Year Later

best gift ever

Dearest Chloe-

This is the 12th letter for this project.  A little less than a year ago the first letter was about your first time bowling and there have been so many more firsts since then.  Your first time at preschool, our first time apart, the first time you got completely dressed by yourself… so many amazing memories.  I am thankful one day you will have this collection of letters and images to look back on and remember your childhood.  These moments just go so quickly.

It was 4 years ago last week that daddy and I found out we were expecting you.  I still remember coming downstairs crying hysterically to tell him at 4:30 in the morning that I wasn’t still sick from my gall-bladder surgery.  I was actually pregnant.  We were already 2 months along and we were very shocked and worried because of the surgery.  Worried because the ONE time the doctors tell us not to get pregnant, we did.  Daddy and I have learned so much from you and are truly grateful for every single day with you.  Yes, even the ones where it seems like the tantrums run together into one long long twelve hour day.  You are proof that we can pretty much survive anything and so can you.

george meet george


New for this month is the word ‘please’ and we introduced a new member to the family, George II.  You might be wondering why we needed a second monkey.  In addition to now using the word ‘please’ correctly to get what you want you are now demanding that we all sleep with George in the bed.  [For those that don’t know/remember George is a talking monkey (my voice) so that if she is alone at preschool and feeling lonely she can press the button and listen to my voice.]  TOTALLY inappropriate for sleeping in the bed, particularly if someone rolls over on him and I am awaken by the sound of my own voice at 2am saying “Hi Chloe it’s mommy.  Give the monkey a hug and I’ll be back to get you later.  Mommy always comes back.”  Yeah.  Only took one time for me to decide George needed a mute twin.

colie james photography having a snack

Your favorite foods are still chicken nuggets, pancakes, coffee, and popcorn.  You still love to wear your hats, boots, underwear, and nothing else in the house.  You still steal/hog all the iPads in the house.  You have discovered a love for a few movies.  Ice Age (Baby), Horton Hears a Who (Elephant), and Madagascar (Animals) are your favorites.  Besides ‘please’ your favorite phrase is “come on mommy let me show you how it works” which cracks me up every.single.time.  Oh and you call daddy James.  “JAMES.  Can you come upstairs please?” and “JAMES!  Do you want some cereal?” because really YOU want cereal and figure if daddy gets some so do you.

You also love watching football with daddy and get very excited when he yells.  I can only hope you don’t start repeating what he says because none of it is nice.

watching the broncoscolie james photography go broncos01012014 Daily Image Colie James Photography

Cannot wait to see how you grow in 2014.



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