Hospital Checklist – Packing a bag for Labor and Delivery

what to pack for labor and delivery

Packing your bag for Labor and Delivery

You are almost to the finish line when you start packing your hospital bag.  The final weeks of my pregnancy I grabbed that bag and headed to the hospital multiple times only to come back home still pregnant.  While you don’t want a huge bag to clutter your tiny hospital room, packing the essentials can make your stay a lot more comfortable.

  1. Phone charger. Yes, I realize this is really dating this list but honestly the most important thing to me if I was about to give birth would be my phone. My phone also serves as my camera, music player, and personal TV.
  2. Slippers. During my pregnancy I spent a lot of time in the Antepartum wing and those hospital floors are cold and gross. Bring some slippers to keep your feet warm and for walking around the halls if you need to during labor.
  3. Toiletries. There is seriously nothing better than the first shower after giving birth to a tiny human.  Bring your shampoo, conditioner, face wash, deodorant, lotion, hairbrush, toothpaste, toothbrush, and makeup (if you are an everyday makeup kind of girl).
  4. Comfortable clothes.  After you take that first shower you won’t want to get back in a hospital nightgown, so bring something comfortable or even a robe.  If you will be breastfeeding make sure to include a nursing bra and a BFing friendly top.  Remember you will come in a little smaller than you came in, but you won’t be in pre-maternity clothes just yet.
  5. Going home outfit for the baby. Just keep in mind your baby might be bigger or smaller than you expect, so plan accordingly.  Also pack a few extra pairs of socks.
  6. Snacks.  I did not pack any snacks in my bag, but you might get hungry when you are up for feedings in the wee hours of the night.  Fruit leather, chips, chocolate, and nuts would be high on my list of snacks!

Preparing for your time in Labor and Delivery

Do you want to listen to music while you labor?  Create a music playlist and/or download shows to watch ahead of time.  NOTE– also don’t depend on hospital wifi to watch shows online.  Make sure you have a few downloaded in case you can’t get a decent wifi signal.

Who has time to keep up with fingernail maintenance while you are growing a tiny human?  Go natural or keep the nail polish handy for touchups.

Do you have the perfect outfit picked out for the sibling meet?  Make sure to leave any clothing in a convenient place at home and communicate this with the person that will bringing them to the hospital.  I might even pack another outfit for them in your hospital bag just in case.

Want to make the sibling meeting special?  Bring a gift for older siblings to give the newest member of your family and/or a gift for them from the baby.  It is a big hit, if you can get the exchange on video so they can watch it together later on.  NOTE – if your older children will be bringing balloons make sure they are mylar (no latex allowed in hospitals).

Do you have a birthing plan?  Make sure everyone knows your wishes before you get heavy into labor.

Do you have my phone number in your address book? If you have planned a hospital session with me, send me a text when you are heading to the hospital and make sure your partner has the number as well.

Have you had the car seat installed by a professional?  Verify with your hospital ahead of time to see if they provide a free car seat check and/or installation at check-out.

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