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Listen Linda… if you haven’t seen Mateo asking for cupcakes, please watch it and then come back LOL.  I have created the strongest brand image for IN-HOME family sessions that I can.  So much so, that when I post the occasional image taken outside, some fellow photographers are DMing messages of encouragement for being ‘outdoorsy’ in this pandemic.  It’s multiple photographers.  This means I 100% have created the brand message I want.  In-home sessions ROCK and I am the Boulder family photographer you hire for those.

But since we are in a pandemic…



This Boulder family photographer is going to tell y’all a secret. Despite the hashtags I post on Instagram, #iwentoutsidetoday #ididnotdie, I don’t mind taking photos of your family outside with the following conditions.

  1. Yes, I really do hate completely outdoor sessions scheduled at an open mountain space for portraits.
  2. I am only willing to do the aforementioned portraits for long-time clients.  Period.   If you haven’t had an at-home family session with me before don’t bother asking for some outdoor portraits.  It ain’t happening.
  3. I love hanging out in your front or backyard because your house is the perfect backdrop even outside.
  4. I love it even more if these yard photos include water or motion.  Just think bikes, scooters, sprinklers, bubbles, pools, swings, and a trampoline.


In Colorado, the weather is mostly GORGEOUS.  Even when it rains, it typically lasts a few minutes and then the sunshine reappears.  Yes, I also mean for Fall and Winter, because the snow can be fun in a limited fashion!  Just to show you I have actually been outside I included a photo of myself in a backyard below.  You can see that entire session here.  Ready to start planning a session for your family?  Read about the pandemic photo precautions and then schedule a chat!  Let’s get some awesomely real photos + video around your home.


Image by Sabrina Gebhardt


Not everyone wants their everyday, guaranteed-to-make-you-cry-happy-tears moments documented. But if you treasure those memories, let's chat. I'll bet you love it so much you'll come back for seconds.

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