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Denver Family Photographer – One Snowy Day (2019)

It’s no secret that this Denver Family Photographer would rather eat glass than go outside, but maybe I am wavering on that. This session is full of snuggling inside + fun in the snow, but ironically I went all the way back to State College, PA to document my first family in the snow. While I travel to PA once or twice a year, I actually have a rule that I don’t do the Northeast in Jan/February because of the snowpocalypse of 2010 when I almost got trapped in NYC while pregnant. The kids were disappointed Miss Colie only stayed for a few hours instead of all day as I usually do, but I can’t wait to see them again next year. This blog post is Luke-heavy because when I was there in October he wanted nothing to do with me. He was willing to share when I asked, but in general, he was at that stage where he desperately wanted to communicate and couldn’t yet. This trip he was so chatty and affectionate with everyone, especially with mama. Stay tuned for the film (click HERE to watch it) because his little voice is SOOOOOOOO cute. It’s amazing how much they change in just 90 days.

Don’t forget I am based in Lafayette, Colorado. So if this looks like fun and you live in Colorado, I would love to capture your family in the snow or at home doing the things you love. I would love for my next snow adventure not to require a plane ride 😉 Hot chocolate is required after.

Not everyone wants their everyday, guaranteed-to-make-you-cry-happy-tears moments documented. But if you treasure those memories, let's chat. I'll bet you love it so much you'll come back for seconds.

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