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Myth of Reality

I posted some images on Instagram recently and a student commented on how “100% real” the moments and emotion I capture are.  I wrote a response, then I wrote a longer response. and suddenly I am now able to put down the words for a blog post that has been in draft mode for months.

That my images look “100% real” is the point.

I could share a few images here and tell you the story behind them, but it would ruin the myth of reality.  Sometimes things all fall into place and I truly get the amazing moments just by clicking my shutter.  Other times I work damn hard to make things fall into place and while the frame created/influenced by me in some fashion, the authenticity of the moment when I clicked the shutter is true.  Even if a mom remembers how hard I worked to create the moment when these images are pulled out of a shoebox in 20 years, the kids won’t know.  They will only see the love and emotion captured in the photograph or in a film.  So is it really important how hard I worked to get that frame or the authenticity of the moment had a little help from Colie?

Labels like documentary family photography, lifestyle family photography, and family photojournalism are just terms I use for SEO; the amount I influence your frames just depends on the session.  Period. I am by no means a fly on the wall during your session unless I am taking video.  Then I try my very best to hold in my laughter until I stop recording.

So moms, when you hire me and I come to spend a few hours (or an entire day) being in your home, feel confident I will capture YOU.  I try my best to avoid unflattering angles, remind you when you have the birth (LOL) resting face, but I am telling your story as authentically and beautifully as I know how.  Don’t worry about what you are wearing or how the house looks.  No one would ever describe my sessions as glamorous, but if they describe them as authentic and real that makes my heart sing.

I loathe to leave a blog post without images, BUT I don’t want to post any client images that have you thinking too hard about which happened naturally and which I influenced.  So here’s a picture of my own reality. Because you don’t doubt this is real life, right? I mean reality doesn’t always make you cry… just sometimes  😉 . So if your children are being their normal happy-one-minute-and-terrorizing-everyone-the-next selves, don’t worry.  I got this.

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