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Louisville Colorado Family Photographer – Welcome Home

Louisville, Colorado Family Photographer.  James and I bought our home exactly 10 years ago.  I was most excited to paint every room in a bold, NOT neutral color, after years of living in rentals where I was stuck with all the shades of beige.  We had just turned 30 and while we were not parents yet, it was only a matter of time.

It must feel very different to buy a new home and decorate it with your family complete.  I met the T family earlier this summer and we documented life in their new home only a few weeks after they moved in.  I have done a few “we’re moving” sessions, but this was my first “welcome to our new home” session.  Could the boys be any cuter? Snacks, a little reading, and Pete the Cat made this session awesome.  I loved that we documented all the things the boys love at this stage in their life.  Next time I visit Pete the Cat might be gone and replaced with a new friend.

I am also so looking forward to seeing what images she prints and displays on some of the blank walls.  Have you printed your images recently???  I just printed images from my family’s last two sessions and can’t wait to get them up on my walls.  I might love designing gallery walls almost as much as I love taking pictures.

When we eventually sell this townhouse and move into our next (free-standing) house with a garage and a yard, I will be doing a photo + video session of both.  I need all the pictures, LOL.  If you are selling or buying a new house maybe I am the Louisville, Colorado Family Photographer for you.  We can also totally just have some ice cream at Sweet Cow and take a trip to the park. Let’s chat!

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