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Los Angeles Family Photographer | All from a Google Search

Los Angeles Family Photographer.  Y’all know I love to travel, so it is amazing when fellow photographers outside Colorado stumble across my work and contact me to document their family.  While I am not an actual Los Angeles Family Photographer, I told Tanya I would LOVE to come photograph her family.  I brought Chloe and went to Disneyland on the same trip.   I also managed to sneak in a photography conference on the backend of that same trip.  Can you believe this happened just days before COVID shut the country down?  Tanya was just looking for camera reviews on Google and I have now gained a client for life.  THAT is precisely why I spend so much time on my SEO y’all.

In her questionnaire, she mentioned family dance parties, an indoor playset, and last but NOT least cocktail hour.  A few of the gummies we made were super sour, in case you were wondering about that face below (LOL). I am already looking forward to the next time I head to Cali to photograph this family. If you live in Los Angeles send me a note so we can plan a session for your family as well!


Los Angeles family photographer Los Angeles family photographer Los Angeles family photographer Los Angeles family photographer

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