Letters to Our Daughters – Things We Love

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Dearest Chloe-

This month has been all about your independence. The “I want to do it myself” has taken over. You are all about the big red dog, on the TV and everywhere we go Clifford goes. We have eliminated timers at dropoff. You can’t seem to push me out the door fast enough after you have demanded your kiss. The few times I dropped you off at the sitter you ran inside and waved bye. I am really liking THAT new independence :).

You threw a Texas sized tantrum the other day because I wouldn’t buy you a pink My Little Pony at Target. So we need to work on coping skills and the fact that we don’t get a new toy everytime we go to the store.  You are beginning to love cheese sandwiches and call Panera “the cheese sandwich restaurant”.  LOL ok.  You still love to bowl but only if you have an orange ball.  The bowling alley across the street has orange balls but the machines don’t like it.  So we often have to bowl with 3 different balls to force it to send one of them back.

We are going to see your baby cousin twice next month and she turns 1. You are super excited. You are growing so fast, but don’t grow too fast.

Love, Mommy

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