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Letters to Our Daughters | Our first time apart

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Dear Chloe-

I started to write this month’s letter weeks ago.  I wanted to finally write THE letter where I explain what I miracle it is to have you and how hard it was to get you.  It is a particularly difficult letter to write without crying.  However I just got home from my first vacation away from you and that has changed what I want to tell you this month.

Until this weekend I have never been away from you longer than a few hours.  Even days where I have had to “go to work” and shoot two sessions in one day we haven’t been apart for more than 8 hours.  So it is perfectly logical that I was a little, no if I am being honest A LOT, nervous about my trip to Las Vegas with friends this weekend.  The entire time mommy was in Vegas you were perfectly okay.  There were no tears at the airport when you and daddy dropped me off.  You had absolutely no interest in talking to mommy on Facetime when daddy tried numerous times.  It seems the only thing you missed was the pink iPad I took with me on the trip.  I must admit while I am thrilled you did so well alone with daddy for almost three whole days, I am just a little sad you didn’t miss me at all.

You are SUCH a big girl.  I mean since your birthday you have gained such independence from me, it is amazing when you think about it. I am just as impressed with myself because I didn’t cry at the airport or think about you constantly when I was gone.  We are BOTH big girls now  🙂  So tomorrow we will just go back to normal.  I will wake you up and take you to school,  then come home to do a little work, and when I pick you up we can go to the park.

Just remember that no matter how old and independent you get you will always be my baby.  Always.

Love you,



PS I am totally planning my next vacation, maybe a trip to NYC or even back to Las Vegas for some street photography.

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