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Letters to Our Daughters | L-O-V-E

Baby girl-

You are now three and a half years old.  I make jokes on Facebook about having a Threenager, but you are truly getting better.  You are still demanding pancakes multiple times a day and now you want George to come with you everywhere.  You are now cooking eggs right beside me in the morning, too bad they are not edible. Our living room looks like a play center 24-7.  You are back to insisting the orange stroller hang out in the living room, but I am going to get rid of it SOON.  You are loving that train set that daddy bought after we visited the train museum.  You are also asking us to read you books much more often.  Goodnight moon is your new favorite and half the time you don’t even let us get to the end, you make us start over halfway through.

Mommy and daddy had their first date with you at a Parent’s Night Out at My Gym.  You were apparently an angel, played with the other kids, and listened to directions well.  WOW I had to double-check and make sure they meant MY kid.  Next month mommy & daddy will hit 13 years of marriage and we hoping to leave you with Grandma for a night.  We shall see.

Last thing from this past month, the Broncos lost the superbowl and we were really sad about that!

Love you to pieces,



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doing laundryhearts to youchloe making eggsreading to chloevday sbux color

daddy and chloe cuddling


Go Broncos 3

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