I am done having babies, can I photograph yours?

Image Credit: Tika Davis

i’m colie

Just in case you are wondering, it's a nickname for Nicole so you pronounce it "Cole-ee".

I'm what you call 'indoorsy' unless I am at Disneyland or at the pool.

I love binging the latest Netflix show or enjoying a martini and chocolate at The Melting Pot.

I also love to travel.


I'm in love with taking pictures of the good life—kicking and screaming included.

My photographs are an extension of me, and you should know I've never been accused of being a quiet person.

My camera loves people who make funny faces, hugs and kisses are a session requirement, and when someone throws a tantrum I click my shutter faster.

If I laugh at an image while culling a session, no matter how bad it may be from a technical standpoint, it automatically goes into the editing queue.


I want to see people's loud, their love, their life. Together, we make pictures that make them say: This is Us.

But you should know that in most cases I would rather eat glass than take pictures outside. #inhomesessionsforlife


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If you are considering a DITL session with Colie I would recommend booking her now. You will NOT regret the priceless memories she will capture for your growing family!

I value these images more than my wedding pictures.

It’s real life as I want to remember it.

-Amber R.

more than just photos

Because becoming a big sister is a BIG deal!

The joy from a single ordinary day can sustain you for years.

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”
— Annie Leibovitz