For the family photographer who is *so* ready to end the chaos in her business... without the overwhelm

Regardless of what software you use, how against tech you are, or how little time you have to set things up

Accept the inquiry, pitch your service, receive signed proposal, and then get paid… 

All within 5-minutes

Price: $37

The family photographer's toolkit to nurture more leads into booked clients

You mutter at your computer, while trying to juggle leads, get proposals signed, and tend to clients.

“Why do I feel sooo all over the place in my business?!”

Clients who you LOVE by the way…

It’s just that you didn’t get into family photography to be stuck on the computer instead of shooting client sessions…

Are passionate about capturing the most precious moments for others

Have already invested in courses and CRMS to help make your business more efficient

Are a very skilled photographer and provide amazing in-person sessions 

Have a gift for connecting with families, kids, and people in general

Because despite the fact that you…

You STILL find it hard to simplify your sales process into a no-stress, limited clicks kind-of-way... so you can finally start enjoying that flexible scheduling 


Writing follow up emails
Overlooking follow up emails 
Having proposals go unsigned
Re-writing emails from scratch
Cheekbone deep in unbillable hours
Worried your CRM will send emails wrongfully
Sending emails back-and-forth to eventually book clients
Chained to your computer rather than shooting a new session
Setting up your CRM (ish), but knowing it's not 100% working in your favor

Which means you’ve spent far too much time… 

And let’s be super clear here - 

None of this is on you! 

Not even a little bit.

Here’s why -  

It’s like you were handed half-helpful solutions of the entrepreneurs’ puzzle... but no real, reliable way to put them all together.

There is a massive problem 
in the family photography industry today. 

And it’s that for every eleventy-billion pieces of fab training, advice, and helpful guides out there to improve your photography skills...

There’s a terrifying lack of true, learned-from-experience business advice to help connect the dots. 

>> Honest, implementable, big-picture business advice for growing family photographers is hard to come by. 

Because here’s how this advice usually plays out - 

If you’ve ever heard a photographer mention they’re in need of more clients... 

Everyone immediately assumes it’s a marketing and visibility problem. 

Oh, you need more clients? 
Better go boost a FB post so more can see it!

Oh, you need more clients? 
Better go offer up free model call shots so more people know about you! 

Oh, you need more clients? 
Better go make sure your IG grid is flawless so people see how worthy you are!

Oh, you need more clients? 
Better go invest in more training to improve your photography skills!

And all of this makes my head hurt!

Because if you’re going to kick it into business high-gear like you plan (and deserve) - 

You need to get your systems have your [system] ducks in a row. 

...But more so how simple and quick it was for YOU to do it all. 

You see, that initial inquiry and first interaction with a lead is the single-most-important notification your business receives. 

That’s because constantly throwing time, money, and effort into finding more leads means absolute shit if you’re not properly nurturing and growing the leads that do come your way.

I said what I said!

And how you respond plays such a vital role in the health and growth of your business. 

And that’s not *only* referring to how quick they hear back from you, how those emails are written, what your emails and proposals look like, how much lag time is in between, or how clear your messaging and next steps for them are…

 Which begs the question…

… If there was a step-by-step process that helped you with the BUSINESS side of things

… With seamless (maybe even enjoyable?) systems and automations that worked for YOU -

And guaranteed to lighten the overwhelming steps in your inbox so you could spend more time shooting your high-paying clients... 

...rather than trying to hunt them down online. 

REGARDLESS of what CRM you’re currently using (if any!)

Would this finally be the year that you hit your vision board goals And confidently scale your business into a high-earning family photographer?

I’m also obsessed with teaching family photographers like you how to run a profitable photography business and have a CRM that allows you to be as hands-off (and confident) as possible. 

Know that everything I teach, I teach from experience. 

And because you’re here, you might have a strong inclination that there’s more you can be doing to make sure the back end of your business - when it comes to consistently solidifying leads - is set up like a well-oiled machine.  

Let me, and every student that’s ever come my way, tell you - that it is NIGHT and DAY when you don’t have to stress about sending off emails, following up with clients, and second-guessing your every move.  

Because setting your CRM up right, in a way that works for you, is worth its weight in 24K gold.  

Colie James here - wife, mom, filmographer, espresso martini lover, and passionate creator behind Love Your Leads. More on that in a sec!


Let's be honest - receiving that notification saying your proposal signed, agreement is signed, and invoice is PAID (all within minutes of one another) is one of the Best 👏🏽 Feelings 👏🏽 Ever. 

Capture more leads. 
Book more clients.
Provide stellar customer experiences.

The comprehensive and implementable workshop series designed to help streamline your photography inquiry process to book more consistent leads - with ease

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to...


Price: $37

Love Your Leads

Love Your Leads

The Process

Perhaps the most important aspect of Love Your Leads is changing your overall mindset to one of confidence.

audit your offer

Do you struggle to create efficient workflows? Don't worry, I give you a step-by-step system you can implement in any CRM.

Create Your Systems

Before we obsess over the tech and automation, you need to nail down your lead strategy. 

Watch the video Training


In this easily consumable and hands-on workshop series you will:

Eliminate time spent on back and forth communication, second-guessing situations, and trial & error inconsistencies, and feel more in control of every lead that enters your arena

Confidently solidify your offer by understanding exactly what to include, what to remove, and how to deliver it

Open your world to brand new ideas and opportunities to create hassle-free booking processes that WOW your clients

Gain the tools, knowledge, and templates to significantly decrease wasted time on late-night emails, hunting down leads, and the no-book disappointment

Level up your professionalism with glowing prospect experiences and make your clients LOVE working with you before they even begin their shoot 

You’ll uncover simple but mighty systems that streamline the unflattering (but necessary) prep and communication period 

To help you take quick actions and benefit from this training, 
you’ll also receive the following BONUSES: 

Present Your Offer

Confidently deliver your offer with a proposal (or quote) that surprises and delights your soon-to-be client. Learn what elements to include, what to remove, and how to seamlessly create an automation that allows them to view your offer, sign the contract, and complete payment - with little back and forth and no questions gone unanswered. Dig into the psychology behind features vs. benefits and learn to deliver exactly what your prospect wants to see on the proposal, so they are excited to sign and pay!

You'll receive access to my very own family photography proposal, along with its hidden gems that have closed tens of thousands in upfront payment since implementing... so you can swipe it for yourself. 

You’ll walk away with the tools to present beautiful proposals that make your client happy dance each time it lands in an inbox. Discover every element of a winning proposal, including how to strategically overcome objections, to ensure you’re delivering the ideal experience for your client. 


Uncover the Love Your Leads Method and turn more leads into booked clients. You’ll deep dive into implementable strategies to get leads booked & paid without the hassle or time investment that it usually brings.

This CRM-neutral training delivers a unique and proven approach to handling immediate inquiries, showing your personality in your follow-up, connecting with your reader early, and keeping them engaged.

You’ll learn to use the CRM you already have (regardless how simple or robust it is) to make every lead feel confident that you’re the perfect photographer to capture their special days. 

Manage Your Inquiries


Automate Your Awesome

Put your beautiful new process on repeat! Learn the essential CRM features and how to leverage what you have available to create workflows, automations, and simplify your communication as a whole.

You'll have access to my inquiry workflow and recommendations on how to tweak and implement it for yourself using your current tech. Not sold on your current CRM? Check out the comparison tool and learn which CRMs will allow you to completely integrate the Love Your Leads strategy with the least about of fuss. The seven most popular CRMs for family photographers available today, along with how each compares and breakdowns in regards to what you need for your business, are discussed. 

You'll walk away with your lead generation system dialed in and know every lead is expertly taken care of from the moment they inquire. You’ll learn to personalize emails so they sound like you, and you’ll fearlessly open your world to the power of workflows to organize your business backend like a QUEEN.


Here’s the plan once you step inside … 

You’ll walk away with the complete overview of your entire leads process, a self-audit on the gaps in your current process, and new implementable strategies that fast-track your bookings… on repeat.

**Each step is presented with video and written explanations and promises to deliver strategies, tools, and implementable knowledge to remove any clunky communication and make life easier for you as a family photographer! **




valued at $47

This video training and worksheet will help build confidence and present an offer that gets you the easy YES!!! Work through the features, benefits, and deliverables of your offer to eliminate friction and get paid quickly. 

Proposals That Pop

valued at $27

Not sure if your current pricing is aligned with your desired profit? Listen to the audio training and complete the pricing worksheet to make sure your offer is priced so that your family photography business can be sustainable + profitable.

Pricing Pep Talk

valued at $37

Stop wasting time writing up emails, stop second-guessing what you’re saying, and stop losing leads by failing to send the right messages. You’ll receive access into my email vault - the exact templated emails that have converted hundreds of high-paying clients over the years. Simply copy and paste these pre-written, engaging, and personality-induced emails into your provider

The Email Template Suite




Okay, time for some tough love…

When you’re first starting out with your photography business, it’s still easy enough to manage things through your personal email. We’ve all done it! And maybe you’ve dabbled with something like ShootProof, or maybe you’ve tried to piecemeal some automations together inside a CRM to test the waters...

But here’s the thing - 

What’s got you here, won’t get you there. 

At some point soon -

You’ll begin to see the gaps in your processes. 
And inconsistencies in customer transactions. 
And you’ll feel like you’re getting pulled in many different directions... 

(I promise it’s a good thing, it means you're GROWING!)

And whether that’s slowly beginning to happen right now, or if that feeling is just around the corner...

You *will* need a system. 

And the longer you wait to implement these systems, the harder, messier, and more stressful it becomes. 

I promise you that it’s worth your joy and sanity to invest in creating a business that you LOVE without any of the overwhelm. 

If you know my style, then you know my core values behind creating a program: I design them in a way you can complete, implement, and profit from quicker than you ever thought possible. 

It’s important you know that Love Your Leads is so much more than just a workshop series. This is a mini-mentorship program that teaches you how to provide a better experience for both your clients AND yourself to support your growing photography business. 

You’ve got this! 

mia moran, photographer

I wish I met Colie earlier because I'd be so much farther ahead in my business!

kind words

Colie xoxo

Love Your Leads comes with a 100% guarantee... But it doesn’t just stop there.

That’s because I understand the risk of investing in a digital product before you’ve seen it. (Especially as photographers - you and I both know that seeing is believing.)

The Lead Lovin’ Pledge

Did we mention it’s Risk-Free?

So here’s my promise to you - I promise that you will view your leads in a completely new light with all kinds of streamlined knowledge and implementable skill. You will have increasingly more confidence when connecting with inquiries in order to drastically improve your overall booking success rates. You’ll come out of this program with a step-by-step plan ready to put in motion to grow your business that requires less of YOU to make it happen. 

I take your passion very seriously because I wholeheartedly believe that photographers have the power to do so much good in the world. Truly, our world needs photographers like you. This workshop series was created to give you the clarity, the tools, and the support you need to automate your awesome and convert your skills into more consistent income. 

And if you don’t feel like it has equipped you to do just that, then you deserve your money back. 

That’s why after seven days, if you haven’t found the program worth your investment, you can ask for a full refund, as I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money. This course was created for you to succeed, and I stand by my word to make that happen. Just shoot an email over to, and I’ll hit reverse on your payment that same day. 


Ask Colie Anything!

Love Your Leads is a workshop series - step-by-step training to help you organize your business systems for every lead that comes your way. I walk you through the entire process that every photographer needs running on autopilot - along with my ten years experience of hacks and streamlined practices. You’ll receive all my templates, too - workflows plus pre-written emails, that you’ll be able to swipe for yourself and implement into your own systems.

 What is Love Your Leads?

If you already have a CRM set up - perfect! If you don’t have a CRM set up - also perfect! This program is less about what software you're currently using, and more about the processes, automations, and repeatable tasks that remove you from the communication overwhelm, and replace it with a lovely client experience (for both your client AND you). I also provide an entire bonus training on my top four recommendations and detail out the exact workflows for each for you to implement for yourself! 

What CRM do I need to benefit?

All good! I speak specifically to family photographers because that’s where my experience lies. However, I’ve had many other niches - such as wedding, travel, and event photographers - walk through the LYL doors and reap the same benefits. 

What if I’m not in family photography?

If you’re currently using a CRM for creatives or photographers - I’ll likely touch on it. There’s 7 “big wigs” in the industry that we go over, and then I deep dive into four of them. Know that I only recommend software if I believe it is the best option for your business moving forward. Some don’t have the capabilities needed to deliver the outstanding level of quality that I want for my members - and I make that clear why. And if you’re using something different than what I recommend - know that there’s likely room for improvement in your systems… (but that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?) 

Regardless, please know that the steps and email templates I provide are available to use across ALL boards - I want to be transparent that I’ve put my heart into providing you with expert training that will benefit you aside from which software you use 💞

What if you recommend software that I’m not using?

If you are motivated you could totally ingest the materials, customize the email templates, and automate your workflows in a single day. For the average user, you will be able to fully implement Love Your Leads within a week.

How long will it take me to get through everything?

You can!  If you are a Dubsado user, I offer a VIP Day setup which includes my full signature family photography system.  If you are currently using a different CRM, please reach out for setup information and availability.

Can I just hire you to set up my processes for me?

Over here in my world - I’m the go-to gal who's in love with automations. 

And not because of the automations themselves, per se - I mean, they’re not *that* sexy - but for what automations can do for your business AND life. 

Because when you can get yourself paid, respond to emails, and have prospects perfectly taken care of - all the while you’re out enjoying quality time with your kid, family, or heck, with a friend for a drink...

… And never have to skip a beat, worry about what’s happening, or be pulled away from what you’re doing - 

That right there is where my love affair for automations comes in. 

And I’m determined to share how they can make the world of difference for you, too. 

I’ve been in the trenches for 9 years as a successful family photographer, and little brings me more joy than being able to deliver the most precious moments and gifts to every family I work with. And I know that you, of all people, can understand that feeling. 

While my clients are always the heartthrob to my business, it’s become my passion to also teach other photographers how to grow a thriving, indestructible business. Yes, a business - this ain’t no charity side-hustle you’ve got. 

You’re a badass business gal, and I am SO here for it - here to help you simplify, grow, and conquer. 

Hey, I'm Colie. I believe everyone deserves to run the business of their dreams and systems can help you get there.

Meet your CRM-guru

Six years ago I pulled the trigger on my first CRM and it was a game-changer.  Now I help other creatives implement add a little bit of automated magic into their own businesses.

Automating Your Inquiries CRM Video Training (valued at $77)

The Email Template Suite (valued at $37)

Creating Confidence in Your Offer Video Training (valued at $47)

Proposals the Pop Worksheet + Template (valued at $47)
The Pricing Pep Talk Audio Training (valued at $37)

Love Your Leads Strategy Video Training (valued at $97)

Love Your Leads Content Workbook (valued at $67)







Get Instant Access


I'm Ready!!!

Are you ready?

That means - you’ve been in the photography game enough to know that managing your leads is the heartthrob of every sustainable business today... but not quite long enough to have it 100% on lockdown.

You are a family photographer who wants to make a bigger impact while mitigating any “banging of the head” on that damn keyboard. Experience has qualified me to say that!

Love Your Leads Is For You If:

And whether you’re not quite sure where to start, have already invested in a CRM, or simply don't know what’s possible when it comes to streamlining your processes - this is the perfect program to get you Swarovski-crystal-clear on how to free up your time, capture more leads, and uplevel your online brand.

Overall, you’re here because you’re interested in growing your business in a straightforward and sustainable way, and you know that non-scary automations is what will get you there. 

Sally Rudy, photographer

Ultimately, what helped me to get up and running with my Dubsado was a step-by-step set of instructions & a guided tutorial from Colie showing me the process of one complete proposal/workflow." 

Before purchasing Dubsado I was having pretty extensive discussions via messenger with clients and answering A LOT of questions in order to get the necessary information to send the contract. This was a time consuming process and it felt like it was a pain, not just for me but for my clients too. Ultimately, what helped me to get up and running with my Dubsado was a step-by-step set of instructions & a guided tutorial from Colie showing me the process of one complete proposal/workflow." 

"Now that I have an established workflow in Dubsado I feel like my client communication is SO much more consistent and efficient. It also gets my sessions booked, complete with a signed contract and retainer fee paid in record time."

kind words

I’m here to break down my professional learnings over the last *almost* decade - what I’ve gained in the trenches as a successful fellow photographer - so you can curb any business backend uncertainties and have a system that works for yourself like clockwork. 

Let me help you prove to everyone around you that you are capable of reaching ALL your photography goals. I’m breaking down all my lead nurturing secrets, so you can enjoy more of the perks of entrepreneurship - which at the end of the day, are the perks that you got into this world in the first place <3 

It's time to focus on actually running your photography business.

Here’s The Bottom Line…