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Letters to Our Daughters – Summer Vacation

Dearest Chloe-

I am not sure where you got this from, but now instead of saying “smile” for a picture you say “summer vacation”.  It is super cute.  It really fits because today is the first day of summer vacation.

The school year just ended.  I know next week you will be asking to go to school but it is 2 weeks until summer camp starts.  This year I signed you up for 6 weeks of summer camp and I hope it keeps both of us sane.

miss connie and chloechloe and james with ms jamie
the stories we tell april 2015

A few weeks ago you had a bike day at school and you rode around the skating rink on your bicycle with your friends.  I am so happy I stuck around to get some pictures of it.

Lafayette Preschool getting on her bikeLafayette Preschool anna and elsa on a bikeLafayette Preschool riding bikes at schoolLafayette Preschool kids at school on bikeschloe and ms connieLafayette Preschool chloe and elliottLafayette Preschool at school with ms lynn

You were super excited to fly to Texas for your baby cousin’s birthday last week.  It was a good trip, but I forgot how hot Texas is.  I love Colorado.  I love Colorado.

Oh, I also finally got us some headphones for our plane trips.  I knew the minute I saw the My Little Pony ones that you would love them.  You also got a new pink pony from Auntie Sabrina and some MLP clothes from Old Navy.

new my little pony headphones

We also took a trip to the dentist this month. Mommy will not be taking you next time. We left, I had a fat lip, and Dr Dan still didn’t get to really examine your teeth. Next time daddy can take you.

trip to the dentist

I love you so much…


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