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I make awesomely real photos + everyday films for families just like yours, even in a pandemic.

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Awesomely Real Photos + Films

Yes, I offer BOTH at the same time.

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So pictures are important to you. You take a million photos with your iPhone or maybe you own a *nice* camera. Your walls are covered in pictures and you book an annual photo session with your favorite photographer. Let's add a family film to your session so your children and grandchildren can relive the day whenever they want.


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You will also be eternally grateful to watch it with a cocktail the day after they leave the nest.

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you + video = awesome

You may think that video isn't for you, but this is for everyone. Especially if you are currently growing a tiny human, but also for awesomely real everyday moments of your family. You just can't hear their tiny voices or see their wobbly steps in a still image. You won't ever regret booking a family film session. #pinkypromise

-Kayla M.

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"Besides these wonderful pictures…the videos!! Good gracious, how forever precious these are to me!! I even have an icon set up on my phone that goes directly to her website with our videos. I can watch them whenever I need to… a long day at work…when I’ve retreated to my closet for my own timeout…my heart is forever thankful!"

-Jill B.

"...My kids run to the door when they know Colie has arrived. She is like their long-distance favorite Aunt! She allows them to be themselves…and she captures all those special moments."


“You think you don’t really need video, but you’re wrong. So so wrong. Every time I think that pictures are enough, I go back and watch one of the videos I have from Colie. Aside from the stupid smile I can’t wipe from my face when I’m watching one, I always end up wishing I had MORE videos. Give me alllll the videos of my babies.”

"When I’m watching one, I always end up wishing I had MORE videos."

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photo + video taken at each session

One amazing film at the end of the year

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All I have from Chloe's first year are a bunch of cell-phone videos saved on a computer then uploaded on Facebook.  Sadly, I am not in most of them.  Sure, we did professional newborn photos and then sessions at 6 months + 1 year, but WAY back then no one did professional home videos. I tell you this as a parent, not a professional photographer, everyone needs this.

Big Brother (2017)

Little Sister (2018)

Big Sister (2014)

Little Brother (2018)

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