sometimes a photograph just isn’t enough

How can you make your annual photosession even better?

So pictures are important to you. You take a million photos with your iPhone or maybe you own a *nice* camera. Your walls are covered in pictures and you book an annual photo session with your favorite photographer. Let's add a family film to your session so your children and grandchildren can relive the day whenever they want. You will also be eternally grateful to watch it with a cocktail the day after they leave the nest.

Let’s have a snow day

you + video = awesome

You may think that video isn't for you, but this is for everyone. Especially if you are currently growing a tiny human, but also for awesomely real everyday moments of your family. Family films are the best way to document changing personalities and ordinary moments. You just can't hear their tiny voices or see their wobbly steps in a still image. You won't ever regret booking a family film session and your kids will thank you later. #pinkypromise

I was the first person to meet each of these sweet babies. I want to be there from the beginning.

In the first year they go from a tiny baby to a tiny human, blink and you might miss it.

We get 940 Saturdays with our kids, let’s document one that they can relive over and over again. Spending an entire day with your family isn’t insanity, it’s the best day ever.

(It can totally be a Tuesday!)

It’s not every day you sell the house you brought your babies home to from the hospital.

(Selling a house is not required to book a session, but it might help pay for it)