Don't trust your newborn photos to a 4 year old

Image Credit: Kate hejde

I’m Colie!

here's The important stuff.

Just in case you are wondering, it's a nickname for Nicole so you pronounce it "Cole-ee". It is not Collie like a dog.


I'm what you call 'indoorsy' unless I am at Disneyland or the pool. Yes I am one of those people who dreams about an annual pass to Disneyland. I don't want to live in California, just visit every single month.

I L-O-V-E to travel.


I'm in love with taking pictures of the good life—kicking and screaming included. My photographs are an extension of me, and you should know I've never been accused of being a quiet person. Ever.




Colie, your photography is one of a kind! Your ability to capture the feeling of family is amazing and the videos capture my heart. My only wish is that I could go back in time when my daughter was born and have you there. Anyone looking for photography that captures the fun in a beautiful and timeless way, Colie is your photographer.

Sarah J - Client since 2015

Which newborn session is right for you?

Hospital, In-Home, or Both.

1st Time Parents

I personally regret not having professional hospital newborn images of Chloe, it just wasn't a thing 10 years ago. But I totally get not everyone wants a camera shoved in their face within 24 hours of delivering their little human.


About 60% of my 1st-time parents book an in-home newborn session.

Veteran Parents

My recommendation for Veteran Parents will always be a hospital session. In fact, if you can only pay a professional for one session in the 1st year of life, the sibling meeting is what you should book.


I can count the number of veteran parents who did not book a hospital session on one hand. A few of them expressed regret later that they didn't have me come to the hospital. I am not saying you should book one just because I said you should, just be really sure about the decision!

Not your typical newborn photos

Photograph your little one from the very beginning with no regrets!

What others are saying ...

"Love Colie and would hands down highly recommend her!!! Especially if you love lifestyle photography. We live in Denver, and Colie came highly recommended to us from a good friend and photographer from Austin, TX. Colie did our little girl’s newborn shoot, then her 1st year photos. And we plan on having Colie shoot any other future kiddos and milestones! Colie captures the family doing daily family things in a beautiful way. It’s not stuffy or posed or faked. If you haven’t yet, go through her online profile to get a sense of how talented she is. You won’t regret the investment!"

-Amy K

"Several years ago I made one more attempt at booking family photographer for the birth of my third child's birth! I was extremely apprehensive to have a photographer come to the hospital especially right after her birth and having older siblings involved, yikes! But let me tell you Colie came in and with that session it changed my entire view on family photography. No more trying to get everyone to look at the camera and no more perfect clothes!"

-Laura S